Wisconsin Obesity and Physical Activity Data

Wisconsin Obesity, Nutrition and Physical Activity Report

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See what's in the 2013-2018 Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity State Plan for Surveillance.



Data on Obesity, Nutrition and Physical Activity comes from a variety of sources.  Many of the national databases are from self-reported data, which are less reliable than measured data, but are the easiest way to collect data on a large scale.  The reports below are primarily from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


National Obesity Data

For more data and to view an animated map showing the obesity trends in the United States from 1985 through 2011, go to the CDC web site. (exit DHS)

Recent Wisconsin Data

Standardized data exists for all states, and the graphs in this section show Wisconsin's relative ranking for obesity and physical activity data.  An explanation of the data and link to each graph can be accessed on this page.


The U.S. map of BMI



Data Reports


The Epidemic of Chronic Disease in Wisconsin P-00238 (PDF, 6.3 MB).  This 2010 report provides information on the health and economic impact of Chronic Disease in Wisconsin.

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Obesity, Nutrition and Physical Activity in Wisconsin (PDF, 21.6 MB) uses the available state data to provide a detailed look at the obesity problem in Wisconsin. It illustrates the scope of the overweight and obesity problem in Wisconsin adults and youth and also identifies groups at greatest risk. The report describes the likely negative consequences of obesity for individual health and the state?s economy.  It provides rates for individual behaviors related to obesity and also explains the importance of influences beyond an individual's control, such as environments and policies created by organizations, communities, and the state. The report provides information about resources that partners throughout the state can use to help reverse this harmful trend in Wisconsin.

Obesity, Nutrition and Physical Activity in Wisconsin Executive Summary (PDF, 1.6 MB)  provides an overview of key data from the full report and provides recommendations and resources to assist efforts to counteract obesity in Wisconsin.

If you would like a hard copy of either the full report or executive summary, contact Mary Pesik at mary.pesik@wisconsin.gov.

Last Revised: December 30, 2014