Nutrition and Physical Activity Links

 Educational and Participatory Programs

The Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program facilitates collaborative planning of nutrition education programs at the state and local levels.


Information on a variety of nutrition topics, including daily tips for healthier eating, fad diets, and links to registered dietitians in your area.

Provides information on the benefits and tips for incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet, including recipe ideas.

Physical Activity

Basic exercise information including fitness brochures, including information on selecting equipment, personal trainers, etc.



Clinical Guidelines for Overweight and Obesity

  • Adults: Clinical guidelines for the identification, evaluation, and treatment of adult overweight and obesity
  • Children and Adolescents: Clinical guidelines for identifying childhood overweight by Body Mass Index-for-Age
  • National Center for Biking and Walking
    Basic information and resource materials for improving the walking and biking environment. Includes planning materials, policy summaries and a PowerPoint presentation.
Last Revised: December 11, 2015