Wisconsin Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Program: Wisconsin Tracking, Resources, Alerts and Communication (WI Trac)

WI Trac

WI Trac is a tool that hospitals use to alert and communicate with each other and with their emergency response partners, not only in an emergency, but also on a day-to-day basis.

Purpose of WI Trac

WI-Trac is a tool to better manage an incident through sending alerts, knowing the diversion status of hospitals and knowing what resources are available to assist hospitals in need. WI-Trac eventually will be the tool by which hospitals and others can communicate with physicians in their office setting by providing physicians with alerts as well as "just-in-time" diagnostic and treatment information.

WI-Trac is a requirement of the federal Hospital Preparedness Program. Hospitals are required, when requested, to post their available bed capacity on WI Trac. The state will then report the aggregated bed capacity to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Strategic Operations Center though HAvBED. HAvBED is the acronym for "Hospital Available Beds for Emergencies and Disasters".

Functions of WI Trac

In addition to resource reporting and the ability to send alerts, WI Trac has an information database for all users, the ability to do enhanced surveillance, a knowledge database, and a report writer. WI Trac will also be used for patient tracking.

Users of WI Trac

WI-Trac is intended primarily for hospitals, but WI Trac also is available to EMS, First Responders, public health, physician offices, law enforcement, fire departments, Dispatch Centers, and Emergency Management directors. WI Trac is intended for anyone who partners with hospitals for the better care and treatment of victims, who may be involved in an incident.

WI Trac Organization

The organizational structure of WI Trac is very simple. There is a System Administrator, who oversees the functions and operations of WI Trac statewide. Each facility is to have a Site Administrator. That Site Administrator, in turn, can designate Site Users, who can send alerts and update all information on WI Trac, and Read-Only Users.

Access to WI Trac

The person designated to serve as the Site Administrator for an organization should contact Deb Van Matre, WI Trac State System Administrator, at debra.vanmatre@dhs.wisconsin.gov and include the following information in the email:

  1. Person’s full name
  2. Telephone number
  3. Email address
  4. Organization name
  5. Organization address

A WI Trac user name and password will be emailed to you along with access to Instruction Sheets.

The WI Trac Administrator will have access to maintain all information for their organization on the WI Trac site.

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Last Revised: April 25, 2019