Wisconsin Primary Care Programs - Annual HPSA Reviews

HPSA Reviews

  • The Primary Care Office's contracted HPSA staff will contact clinics in these areas to collect updated physician or psychiatrist data, and need a timely response from each clinic.

  • HPSAs cannot be reviewed if clinics do not provide updated physician data to the HPSA staff.  HPSAs not reviewed by federal due dates become "proposed for withdrawal," then are officially withdrawn and lose all HPSA-linked benefits.

  • HPSA Training for Provider Partners (PPT, 1.2 MB) - Presentation slides

What clinics can do to help with HPSA reviews

  • Respond promptly to the phone call and email from the Primary Care Office's contracted HPSA staff at the Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association. 
  • Your clinic's contact person will be emailed a password-protected Excel file with the HPSA Provider Survey and a unique password. 
  • Review the Excel file that they are sent for their clinic location. We have pre-loaded as much clinic and physician (or psychiatrist) data as we can to make this less labor-intensive for clinics. 
  • Correct any errors, and update/add the required data for each primary care physician (or psychiatrist) at this clinic location. 
  • Save and return a copy of the completed Excel file with your HPSA clinic provider data to the HPSA contracted staff at the Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association. 
  • You can print a list of the types of data that are needed for your clinic's primary care physicians and psychiatrists at: Primary Care Physician and Psychiatrist Survey (PDF,  43 KB)
  • If clinics have changes in their primary care clinic locations or clinic contact people between HPSA review cycles, they can send an email to the HPSA team at hpsa@wphca.org.

Data privacy

  • Physician personally identifiable information will only be used for HPSA designation purposes by the State Primary Care Office and contracted HPSA staff, in compliance with State and federal data privacy agreements.
  • Aggregate physician specialty and FTE information will be made available to state and local partners to assist with health workforce planning and development (data will be aggregated at the county level when small numbers might make it easier to identify individual physicians).

For more information on HPSAs and HPSA-linked benefits, go to:  Why are Shortage Designations Important?

Last Revised: May 10, 2016