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Publications produced by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) are available for downloading and printing. If a publication is not available electronically, you will be provided instructions for requesting a paper copy. When you are searching for a publication, just enter the number in the search box below. 

Assigned Number Title Division Other Locationsort ascending
P-00249 Fruits and Vegetables: Nutrition Information DPH
P-00255 Ask for Farmer's Market Checks if You are Interested in Buying Fresh Fruits and Vegetables from Local Farmers' Market - Green DPH
P-00273 Look Into Your Future: Work Related Injuries are Predictable and Preventable! DPH
P-00280 Active Early: A Wisconsin Guide for Improving Childhood Physical Activity DPH
P-00282 Operation Fresh Start Safety Toolbox: Topics for Daily Safety Meetings DPH
P-00289 Nutrition Matters: Steps to a Healthy Plate DPH
P-00291 Nutrition Matters: Which Foods have Iron? DPH
P-00297 Nutrition Matters: I'm Six Months DPH
P-00298 Nutrition Matters: I'm Twelve Months DPH
P-00299 Nutrition Matters: Sippy Cup DPH
P-00300 Nutrition Matters: 12 Steps to a Healthy Family DPH
P-00313 Fruits & Vegetables: Easy Ways to Eat More! DPH
P-00341 Got Access? A Guide for Improving Fruit & Vegetable Access in Wisconsin Communities DPH
P-00388 Nutrition Matters: Make Half Your Plate Fruits & Vegetables DPH
P-00389 Nutrition Matters: My First Three Months DPH
P-00390 Nutrition Matters: Bottle Feeding DPH
P-00391 Nutrition Matters: Baby's First Spoonfuls DPH
P-00392 Nutrition Matters: Safe Foods for Your Baby DPH
P-00393 Nutrition Matters: Baby's First Finger Foods DPH
P-00394 Nutrition Matters: I'm Nine Months DPH
P-00395 Nutrition Matters: Which Foods Have Calcium? DPH
P-00402 Nutrition Matters: Enjoy Family Meals DPH
P-00403 Nutrition Matters: Drink Water Instead of Sugary Drinks DPH
P-00417 Your Right to an Interpreter DES
P-00446 The Simple Tests that May Save Your Baby's Life - Amish DPH
P-00481 Hold Me Heart-to-Heart DPH
P-00485 Nutrition Matters: 7 Ways to Eat More Fruits & Vegetables DPH
P-00490 Nutrition Matters: Seven Ways to Eat More Dark Green Vegetables DPH
P-00497 ADRC Orientation Manual - Information & Assistance and Options Counseling DPH
P-00498 Next Steps: My Planning Guide DPH
P-00507A Wisconsin State Plan Overview DPH
P-00507B Increase Nutrition & Physical Activity Infrastructure Flyer DPH
P-00507C Increase Physical Activity DPH
P-00507D Reduce Screen Time DPH
P-00507E Increase Fruit & Vegetable Access, Availability, and Consumption DPH
P-00507F Encourage Healthy Food & Beverage Consumption DPH
P-00507G Increase Breastfeeding Initiation, Duration & Exclusivity DPH
P-00514 1,4-Dioxane DPH
P-00546 Considering a Move? The Cost Calculator Can Help DPH
P-00555 Access / Marketplace Takeaway Card (50/pad, order by pad) DMS
P-00562 Order Up Healthy - A Wisconsin Resource for Healthier Foods and Beverages in Restaurants DPH
P-00566 Checkout Healthy - A Wisconsin Resource for Healthier Foods and Beverages in Food Stores DPH
P-00571 My Breastfeeding Plan DPH
P-00575 Veggies for Kids Booklet – Six Steps to Loving Vegetables (10/package) DPH
P-00582 Nutrition Matters: Small Frequent Meals During Pregnancy DPH
P-00583 Nutrition Matters: Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy DPH
P-00584 Nutrition Matters: Control Your Weight During Pregnancy DPH
P-00585 Gain More Weight During Pregnancy DPH
P-00587 Coordinating Efforts in Wisconsin to Promote Health and Prevent Chronic Disease DPH
P-00607 Farmers' Market – Local, Fresh and in Season Cookbook DPH


Last Revised: March 23, 2021