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Publications produced by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) are available for downloading and printing. If a publication is not available electronically, you will be provided instructions for requesting a paper copy. When you are searching for a publication, just enter the number in the search box below. 

Assigned Number Title Division Other Locationsort ascending
P-90039 Wash Your Hands after using the toilet (Poster) DPH
P-43100A Wisconsin Wins: Window Cling Sticker 21 DPH
P-02736 Prediabetes Inside Out Camo T-Shirt DPH
P-02737 Prediabetes Inside Out Black T-Shirt DPH
P-02738 Prediabetes Misplacing Coffee DPH
P-02739 Prediabetes Trailing Toilet Paper DPH
P-02740 Prediabetes Leaving Tags On DPH
P-00599 Family Care - MCO Financial Statement Summaries DMS
P-00600 Family Care Partnership/PACE - MCO Financial Statement Summaries DMS
P-00599-20 Family Care - MCO Financial Statement Summaries Starting 2020 DMS
P-00600-20 Family Care Partnership/PACE - MCO Financial Statement Summaries Starting 2020 DMS
P-00719 County Environmental Health Tracking DPH
P-00769 Wisconsin Antibiotic Resistance Report - Invasive Streptococcus Pneumoniae DPH
P-01573 Cancer in Wisconsin DPH
P-01239 Do You Need a Mammogram or Pap Test but Can't Afford it? (tri-fold) DPH
P-44349 Tetrachloroethylene DPH
P-44354 1,1,1 -Trichloroethane DPH
P-80027 Community Aids Reporting System (CARS) Accounting Reports Manual DES
P-00464 Birth to 3: Annual Performance Report (APR) DMS
P-45364-2013 Wisconsin Births and Infant Deaths, 2013 DPH
P-00363 Elder Benefit Specialist Services Summary DPH
P-00125 Adults at Risk Incident Reports, All Ages by Age Group DPH
P-00748 Accounting Policy and Procedures (APP) Manual DES
P-00792 Wisconsin AIDS/HIV Program Notes DPH
P-45706 Wisconsin Youth Sexual Behavior and Outcomes DPH
P-00040 Considering Assisted Living or a Nursing Home? Pre-Admission Consultation DPH
P-00036 Active Communities Toolkit DPH
P-00038 Wisconsin Caregiver Program Manual DQA
P-00039 Fact Sheet for Parents: Tdap Requirements for Middle and High School Students DPH
P-00041 Asbestos Guidelines: Insulation and Weatherization Contractors DPH
P-00042 Asbestos Guidelines: Roofing and Siding Contractors DPH
P-00043 Asbestos Guidelines: Flooring Contractors DPH
P-00044 Asbestos Guidelines: General Contractors and Trades DPH
P-00065 Asbestos Guidelines: Apartment Owners and Rental Property Manager DPH
P-00066 Linking Mental and Physical Health: Results from the Wisconsin Behavioral Risk Factor Survey DPH
P-00068 Work-Related Asthma In Wisconsin DPH
P-00069A Incident Reporting Consumer Guide DMS
P-00079 ForwardHealth Enrollment and Benefits Handbook DMS
P-00082 Complaints Concerning Health or Residential Care in Wisconsin DQA
P-00083 Protecting Pets and Other Animals After Your Smallpox Vaccination DPH
P-00087 Milwaukee Enrollment Services (MilES) Key Contacts DMS
P-00088C Which Long-Term Care Program is Best for Me? Family Care, Partnership/PACE or IRIS DPH
P-00088D Tell Me More About Family Care DPH
P-00088E Interdisciplinary Teams in Family Care DPH
P-00088F Tell Me More About Family Care Partnership DPH
P-00088G Interdisciplinary Teams in Family Care Partnership DPH
P-00088H Tell Me More About Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) DPH
P-00088i Interdisciplinary Teams in Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) DPH
P-00088J Key Differences between Family Care, Partnership, and PACE DPH
P-00088L Tell Me More About Self-Directed Supports in Managed Care DPH


Last Revised: March 23, 2021