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Publications produced by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) are available for downloading and printing from this site. If a publication is not available electronically, you will be provided instructions for requesting a paper copy. 

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Assigned Numbersort descending Title Division Other Location
P-00645 Violent Deaths Among Wisconsin Southern Counties (2004-2011) DPH
P-00646 Violent Deaths Among Wisconsin Western Counties (2004-2011) DPH
P-00647 Nurse Case Management for Active Tuberculosis (TB) Disease DPH
P-00648 The Burden of Suicide in Wisconsin 2014: Data Years 2007-2011 DPH
P-00652 Winter Weather Toolkit DPH
P-00653 Recommendations for Prevention and Control of Acute Gastroenteritis Outbreaks in Wisconsin's Long-Term Care Facilities DPH
P-00654 FoodShare Wisconsin Standard Utility Credit Information DMS
P-00657 EMResource / WI Trac: How to Enter Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Bed Counts DPH
P-00657A EMResource / WI Trac: Facility Status Summary (Resource Details) Updates for Flexible Funding DPH
P-00657B EMResource / WI Trac: Updating Resource/Facility Details Page DPH
P-00658 ADRC Dementia Care Specialists Map DPH
P-00659 Dementia Care Specialists DPH
P-00660 Wisconsin Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention and Control Handbook for Local Public Health Departments DPH
P-00663 Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) Regional Expansion: 2014 Fee Structure DQA
P-00664 Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) Expansion: DQA Regional Model Review DQA
P-00665 Blood Lead Testing and Lead Exposure Data, 2011-2013 DPH
P-00666 Wildfire Toolkit DPH
P-00666A Wildfire Burning Safety DPH
P-00666B Wildfire Preparation DPH
P-00666C Surviving a Wildfire if Unable to Evacuate DPH
P-00666D After a Wildfire DPH
P-00666E Talking Points for Wildfires DPH
P-00667 EMS Clinical and Field Training - Minimum Competencies / Experiences DPH
P-00671 Help Improve Cancer Care - Please Report That You Are Hmong DPH
P-00673 Grow Your Local Farmers' Market DPH
P-00678 Safe Harbor Connectivity Companion Guide DMS
P-00679 IRIS Participant Appeal Rights DMS
P-00686 Provider's Responsibilities in Patient Rights for HIPAA DES
P-00687 Nurse Aide Training Program: Out-of-State Training Requirements DQA
P-00688 Pertussis (Whooping Cough) DPH
P-00689 BadgerCare Plus and the Marketplace Enrollment Options DMS
P-00690 Memorandum of Understanding Templates Long-Term Care or Assisted Living Organizations - Background and Guidance DPH
P-00691 Wisconsin Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) Utilization Guidelines DPH
P-00692 A Guide To Remote Electronic Supports DMS
P-00693 A Guide To Incontinence Supplies DMS
P-00694 Estate Recovery Program Policy Changes Effective August 1, 2014 Fact Sheet DMS
P-00695 Surgical Site Infections: What Can I Do to Prevent… DPH
P-00696 Opioid-Related Deaths and Mortality Rates in Wisconsin by County DPH
P-00697 Children's Long-Term Supports (CLTS) Waitlist in Program Participation System (PPS) Step-by-Step Training Guide DMS
P-00699 A Guide to Accessibility Assessments DMS
P-00700 Approved CLTS Treatment Foster Care Administrative Rates DMS
P-00702 OARS Opening Avenues to Reentry Success Program Manual DCTS
P-00703 Not Guilty by Reason of Mental Disease or Defect (NGI) Procedures Manual DCTS
P-00704 Wisconsin Community Forensic Conditional Release Program Case Manager Manual DCTS
P-00705 IRIS Employment Contact Information for the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) DMS
P-00706 IRIS Notice of Action Sharepoint Instructions DMS
P-00706A IRIS Fraud Allegation Review and Assessment (FARA) Sharepoint Instructions DMS
P-00706AA Process and Criteria for Closing a Fraud Allegation Review and Assessment (FARA) DMS
P-00706B IRIS One-Time Expense SharePoint Instructions DMS
P-00706C IRIS Budget Amendments SharePoint Instructions DMS


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