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Informative Documents and Publications Library

Informative documents and publications produced by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services are available electronically and/or for paper order. Review the "Available to Order" column below to ensure availability in paper format. If the document is available to order in a paper version, there will be a "Yes" with a link to ordering instructions.

When you are searching for a document, enter the number or a portion of the title in the search box below. 

Assigned Number Sort descending Title Division Language Release Date File Type Available to Order
N/A Public Health History Presentation for Fall 2017 Orientation DPH English 10/2017 PDF
N/A CMP Project Report: Nursing Home Falls Prevention Initiative DQA English 01/2023 PDF
N/A FoodShare at a Glance - January 2017 DMS English 03/2017 PDF
N/A CPD Emergency Preparedness Minutes February 28, 2020 DPH English 12/2020 PDF
N/A Jayla's Story DMS English 05/2018 PDF
N/A Planning and Funding Committee Open Meeting Notice May 20, 2019 DCTS English 11/2020 PDF
N/A surveillance-cre-using-nhsn DPH English 01/2023 PDF
N/A FoodShare at a Glance - February 2011 DMS English 11/2015 PDF
N/A Dunn County: July 1, 2014 Population DPH English 09/2015 PDF
N/A IPS: 2021 Conference DCTS English 06/2021 PDF
N/A WCMH: Legislative and Policy Committee Agenda, March 8, 2018 DCTS English 09/2022 PDF
N/A EQRO 2009-2010 Annual Report DMS English 07/2015 PDF
N/A Downloading EVV SMC App iOS Hmong DMS Hmong 10/2020 PDF
N/A Nursing Home Public Meeting - August Presentation DMS English 08/2016 PDF
N/A GAC: Program Quality Criteria - Immunization - 2021 DPH English 10/2020 PDF
N/A Assisted Living Forum Power Point number three, July 28, 2020 DQA English 07/2020 PDF
N/A Final GCPD Executive Committee Meeting Minutes July 1, 2021 DPH English 07/2021 PDF
N/A Cultural Competency: its impact on addiction, treatment, and recovery DCTS English 09/2022 PDF
N/A 2015 Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention - Sample Newsletter Article - More Than 250 Words DPH English 08/2015 Word
N/A Clark County: July 1, 2011 Population DPH English 07/2015 Excel
N/A Adult AFIX-Vaccine Quality Improvement DPH English 09/2022 PDF
N/A GCPD Executive Committee Meeting Agenda June 10, 2021 DPH English 06/2021 PDF
N/A Priority Health Needs of Wisconsin Women DPH English 08/2015 PDF
N/A 2023 IPS Conference 4 DCTS English 04/2023 PDF
N/A 2015 April EMS Physician Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda DPH English 04/2015 PDF
N/A FoodShare Renewal Letter DMS English 12/2021 PDF
N/A LTC Facility Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan: Template 2 DQA English 11/2019 Word
N/A WLTCAC Minutes May 14, 2019 DMS English 12/2020 PDF
N/A Emergency Operations Center Hospital Liason Training - Mission and Skills Lesson Plan DPH English 09/2022 PDF
N/A CGDD - Storage Space - Right to DCTS English 01/2020 PDF
N/A FoodShare Benefits Payments - 2022 DMS English 12/2022 Excel
N/A System Management and Development Minutes - October 2016 DPH English 10/2016 PDF
N/A Menominee County: July 1, 2009 Population DPH English 07/2015 PDF
N/A IRIS Advisory Council Minutes 01/26/21 DMS English 07/2021 PDF
N/A Counter Terrorism Operations Support (CTOS) Overview DPH English 07/2015 PDF
N/A CGDD - Abuse DCTS English 01/2020 PDF
N/A Forest County: July 1, 2010 Population DPH English 07/2015 PDF
N/A St. Croix County: July 1, 2009 Population DPH English 07/2015 Excel
N/A Brief History of EMS Module 1 DPH English 07/2015 PDF
N/A CWW Case Summary Changes DMS English 10/2018 PDF
N/A Calumet County: July 1, 2008 Population DPH English 07/2015 Excel
N/A Find A Profile in CARS/GEARS DES English 04/2023 Excel
N/A Staff Stability Survey - AD Fact Sheet DMS English 08/2022 PDF
N/A March 2021 Gap Case Report for IM Agencies DMS English 06/2021 PDF
N/A Budget Flow Chart for Spring 2017 Local Health Officer Orientation DPH English 04/2017 PDF
N/A Data Dictionary FCP DMS English 05/2015 PDF
N/A Safety NetWorks #9 - February 2009 DPH English 03/2015 PDF
N/A DQA Nursing Home Webinar Agenda 10/8/20 DQA English 01/2023 PDF
N/A Bright Futures Agenda Child Development and Mental Health--Part 2 DPH English 07/2015 PDF
N/A Hospice 2018: Survey Statistics Third Quarter Roster DQA English 11/2018 PDF
Last revised April 13, 2023