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Publications produced by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) are available for downloading and printing. If a publication is not available electronically, you will be provided instructions for requesting a paper copy. When you are searching for a publication, just enter the number in the search box below. 

Assigned Numbersort descending Title Division Other Location
P-45358 Wisconsin Public Health Profiles, Annual Report DPH
P-45359 Wisconsin Marriages and Divorces DPH
P-45360 Reported Induced Abortion in Wisconsin DPH
P-45364 Wisconsin Births and Infant Deaths DPH
P-45364 (03-06) Wisconsin Births and Infant Deaths (2003-2006) DPH
P-45364-2011 Wisconsin Births and Infant Deaths, 2011 DPH
P-45364-2012 Wisconsin Births and Infant Deaths, 2012 DPH
P-45364-2013 Wisconsin Births and Infant Deaths, 2013 DPH
P-45365 Births to Teens in Wisconsin DPH
P-45365-2011 Births to Teens in Wisconsin, 2011 DPH
P-45365-2012 Births to Teens in Wisconsin, 2012 DPH
P-45365-2013 Births to Teens, 2013 DPH
P-45366 Health Counts in Wisconsin: Infant Health DPH
P-45368 Wisconsin Death Reports DPH
P-45369 Wisconsin Health Insurance Coverage DPH
P-45369B Wisconsin Family Health Survey, Technical Notes DPH
P-45369C Wisconsin Family Health Survey, Household Population Characteristics DPH
P-45369E Wisconsin Family Health Survey, Insurance Coverage Past Year DPH
P-45369F Wisconsin Family Health Survey, Insurance Coverage Past Year, Milwaukee County DPH
P-45379 Wisconsin Family Health Survey, 2005 DPH
P-45704 Wisconsin Local Health Department Survey DPH
P-45706 Wisconsin Youth Sexual Behavior and Outcomes DPH
P-45708 Wisconsin PRAMS - Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System Folder DPH
P-45709 Wisconsin PRAMS (Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System) DPH
P-45716 Wisconsin Minority Health Report, 2001-2005 DPH
P-45718 Wisconsin Epidemiological Profile on Alcohol and Other Drug Use DPH
P-45719 Wisconsin Public Health Workforce Report DPH
P-47087 Emergency Medical Services Education and Training Requirements DPH
P-47131 Sputum Collection During TB Treatment DPH
P-47147 Treated Wood Products DPH
P-47411 Assessing and Ordering Meth Lab Cleanup: A Guide for Local Health Departments DPH
P-49356 Wisconsin Diabetes Mellitus Essential Care Guidelines DPH
P-49356A Wisconsin Diabetes Clinical Care Recommendations At-A-Glance DPH
P-49453 Newborn Screening Sticker DPH
P-49460 West Nile Virus is a Risk You Can Do Something About DPH
P-60579 Choosing an Assisted Living Facility DQA
P-62014 Survey Guide – Long-Term Care Facilities DQA
P-62025 Your Right to Direct Your Future Health Care Needs DQA
P-62033 Survey Guide - Hospitals and Other Health Services Providers DQA
P-63051 Survey Guide - Facilities Serving People With Developmental Disabilities DQA
P-63075 Survey Guide Home Health and Hospice Licensure and Certification DQA
P-63113 Avoiding Physical Restraints: What all Nursing Home Residents and Families Need to Know DQA
P-63141 Wisconsin Caregiver Program DQA
P-63158 Wisconsin Caregiver Program: Misconduct Reporting Requirements DQA
P-63159 Wisconsin Caregiver Program: Background Checks DQA
P-63160 Wisconsin Caregiver Program: Rehabilitation Review Process DQA
P-63161 Wisconsin Caregiver Program: A Blueprint For Quality Care Video Guide DQA
P-63174 Survey Guide: Behavioral Health Certification for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services DQA
P-80014 Paying for Care at the Wisconsin Centers for Developmentally Disabled DES
P-80016 Paying for Inpatient Services Mental Health Services DES


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