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Publications produced by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) are available for downloading and printing from this site. If a publication is not available electronically, you will be provided instructions for requesting a paper copy. 

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Assigned Numbersort ascending Title Division Other Location
P-10097 Wisconsin Funeral and Cemetery Aids Program (WFCAP) Manual DMS
P-10096 Wisconsin Legal Services Programs DMS
P-10095 BadgerCare Plus Health Insurance Premium Payment Plan DMS
P-10086 SeniorCare Prescription Drugs for Wisconsin Seniors Spenddown and Deductible DMS
P-10085 SeniorCare Prescription Drugs for Wisconsin Seniors — Annual Renewal DMS
P-10084 SeniorCare Prescription Drugs for Wisconsin Seniors Covered Drugs DMS
P-10083 SeniorCare Frequently Asked Questions DMS
P-10079 SeniorCare Prescription Drugs for Wisconsin Seniors Member Handbook DMS
P-10078 Information About SeniorCare DMS
P-10077 SeniorCare Prescription Drugs for Wisconsin Seniors DMS
P-10074 Medicare Part D and Extra Help for SeniorCare Members DMS
P-10072 Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus Emergency Services DMS
P-10071 Medicaid Purchase Plan DMS
P-10065 Wisconsin Well Woman Medicaid DMS
P-10064 BadgerCare Plus and Medicaid Plans - Medical Support Liability DMS
P-10063 Wisconsin Medicaid—Spousal Impoverishment Protection DMS
P-10062 Medicare Savings Programs DMS
P-10061 Medicaid - Patient Liability DMS
P-10059 Wisconsin Medicaid--Home and Community-Based Services Waiver Programs DMS
P-10058 Wisconsin Medicaid for the Elderly, Blind or Disabled: Divestment DMS
P-10053 Health Care for Migrant Workers DMS
P-10052 Medicaid / BadgerCare Plus Deductible Plans DMS
P-10049 Medicaid - Enrollment Renewal Fact Sheet DMS
P-10048 Medicaid - Applying for Medicaid Disability Fact Sheet DMS
P-10030 Medicaid Eligibility Handbook DMS
P-10026 BadgerCare Plus Prenatal Plan DMS
P-10022 Wisconsin Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus Tuberculosis-Related Only Services DMS
P-05345 Births to Hispanic Women in Wisconsin DPH
P-05191 Vital Records Fee Schedule DPH
P-02643 COVID-19 Modeling by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services DPH
P-02642 Announcing the Resilient Wisconsin Initiative DCTS
P-02641 Developing Parallel Skills for Trauma-Informed Practice DCTS
P-02640 Practicing the Parallel Values of Trauma-Informed Practices DCTS
P-02639 COVID-19 Local Community – Isolation Site Operation Manual DPH
P-02634 COVID-19: Quarantine release times - I have had close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 DPH
P-02633 COVID-19: Quarantine release times - I live with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 DPH
P-02632 COVID-19: Isolation release times - I have been diagnosed with COVID-19 DPH
P-02629 COVID-19 Visual Communication Tool for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing DPH
P-02627 What do I do if I am diagnosed with COVID-19? DPH
P-02626 Self-Isolation Site: Pre-Arrival Information OS
P-02625 Consider Donating Your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) OS
P-02624 COVID-19 Situation Report DPH
P-02621 COVID-19 Specimen Collection - Infection Control Updates in Outpatient Settings DPH
P-02620F COVID-19 Facts: Nutrition Programs OS
P-02620E COVID-19 Facts: Living in Group Settings OS
P-02620D COVID-19 Facts: Shopping Tips OS
P-02620C COVID-19 Facts: Protect Your Family OS
P-02620B COVID-19 Facts: Understanding "Safer at Home" OS
P-02618 Cleaning and Disinfecting after a confirmed COVID-19 case DPH
P-02617 Children's Incident Tracking and Reporting User Guide DMS


Last Revised: October 8, 2019