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Publications produced by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) are available for downloading and printing from this site. If a publication is not available electronically, you will be provided instructions for requesting a paper copy. 

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Assigned Numbersort ascending Title Division Other Location
P-02501 Using Text Messaging for Communicable Disease Follow-up at Local Health Departments DPH
P-02500 Wisconsin PRAMS 2016-2017 Surveillance Report DPH
P-02497 Wisconsin Medicaid Scorecard on Serving Children with Disabilities and/or Delays 2016-2017 DMS
P-02496 Dells Delton Area Response Exercise Series (DARES) DPH
P-02495 Outlier Request Process DMS
P-02494 Operational Aid for County Waiver Agencies: Outlier Rate Request Process DMS
P-02493A Operational Aid for County Waiver Agencies: Rates Determined by Provider Type and the Intersection with Financial Management Services DMS
P-02493 Operational Aid for County Waiver Agencies: Respite Day Rate DMS
P-02492 Operational Aid for County Waiver Agencies: Group Rates DMS
P-02490 Birth to 3 Program: Innovation in Social-Emotional Development Grant Proposed Timeline DMS
P-02489 Keeping Kids Alive, Children's Health Alliance of Wisconsin: Review Team Guidebook DPH
P-02488 Wisconsin Acute Mental Health Services, 2013-2017 DCTS
P-02486 What Employers Need to Know about Carbon Monoxide DPH
P-02480 TCE in the Air DPH
P-02479 Reasons for Preventable Denials, Closures, and Churn among Milwaukee County Medicaid Members: 2017 DMS
P-02478 Suicide in Wisconsin: Impact and Response DCTS
P-02474 Wisconsin Integrated HIV Plan 2017-2021: 2019 Progress Report DPH
P-02473A HIV in Milwaukee Summary Report DPH
P-02473 HIV In Wisconsin DPH
P-02472 Back-to-School Checklist for Parents OS
P-02471A REDCaps Instructions for Local Health Departments DPH
P-02471 Tips and Hints for Completing the School Immunization Assessment Online DPH
P-02470 Roll Up Your Sleeve and Prevent the Flu! DMS
P-02469 The Importance of an Accurate Last Known Well and Symptom Onset Time DPH
P-02467 Abstracting Stroke for All: Workshop Toolkit DPH
P-02466 Program Access and Benchmark Project: For Children’s Long-Term Support (CLTS) Waiver, Katie Beckett Program, and Children’s Community Options Program (CCOP) DMS
P-02465 Program Access and Benchmark Project: Birth to 3 Program DMS
P-02464 Wisconsin Influenza Immunization Summary, 2018-2019 DPH
P-02462 Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for Wisconsin Medicaid Personal Care Services DMS
P-02461 Adult MMR Vaccination: What providers need to know DPH
P-02459E Influenza vaccination rates by age and county for all ages, Wisconsin DPH
P-02459D Influenza vaccination rates by age and county for 65 years and older, Wisconsin DPH
P-02459C Influenza vaccination rates by age and county for 50 to 64 year-olds, Wisconsin DPH
P-02459B Influenza vaccination rates by age and county for 18 to 49 year-olds, Wisconsin DPH
P-02459A Influenza vaccination rates by age and county for 5 to 17 year-olds, Wisconsin DPH
P-02459 Influenza vaccination rates by age and county for 0 to 4 year-olds, Wisconsin DPH
P-02457A Wisconsin Personal Health Care Expenditures DPH
P-02457 Health Care Expenditures, Executive Summary DPH
P-02455 Welcome to the Regional Center for CMC CoIIN DPH
P-02454 HIV In Youth, Milwaukee County DPH
P-02452 Jamestown Canyon Virus DPH
P-02451 Sign up your pharmacy to use the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR)! DPH
P-02450 Vaccines for Children (VFC) Immunizing Providers in Wisconsin DPH
P-02449 Statewide Elder Adults at Risk and Adults at Risk Incident Reports, 2013-2018 DPH
P-02446 Getting to Know Wisconsin Environmental Public Health Tracking DPH
P-02445 Sexual Violence Prevention Needs Assessment Report DPH
P-02443 Candida Auris DPH
P-02441 Timeline of the Wisconsin HIV Epidemic DPH
P-02439 Non-Statutory Provision of 2017 Wis. Act 178 DMS
P-02438 Staying Safe at the Lake: What Summer Camps Should Know about Blue-Green Algae DPH


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