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Publications produced by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) are available for downloading and printing from this site. If a publication is not available electronically, you will be provided instructions for requesting a paper copy. 

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Assigned Numbersort ascending Title Division Other Location
P-02434V Recommended Public Health Groundwater Quality Standards DPH
P-02433 Diagnosing Legionnaires' Disease: Best Practices DPH
P-02432 Protecting Groundwater Process Fact Sheet DPH
P-02429 Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTBI): FAQ's DPH
P-02428 Implementation of Federal Home and Community-Based Services Settings Rule in Wisconsin DMS
P-02427 Available Public Health Data DCTS
P-02426 Documenting Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTBI) in the Wisconsin Electronic Disease Surveillance System (WEDSS) DPH
P-02424 Cardiac Arrest Ambulance Runs, Facts and Trends DPH
P-02422B Emergency Medical Services Funding Assistance Program (FAP) Grant DPH
P-02422A Funding Assistance Program Grant Purchasing Guide DPH
P-02422 Emergency Medical Services Funding Assistance Program Grant Guidance DPH
P-02420B Percent of school‐aged children (ages 5–18) with at least two doses of MMR, 2018 DPH
P-02420A Percent of 5‐and 6‐year‐olds with at least two doses of MMR, 2018 DPH
P-02420 Percent of children with at least one dose of MMR by 24 months of age, 2018 DPH
P-02419 Wisconsin AT4All DPH
P-02418 Adult Mental Status Evaluation Protocol DMS
P-02417 Child Diagnostic Interview Protocol DMS
P-02416 Suspect Measles? Isolate. Test. Report. Vaccinate. DPH
P-02415 Wisconsin Tobacco Morbidity and Mortality Fact Sheet DPH
P-02414 Working With Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) DPH
P-02413 HealthCheck Bulletin DMS
P-02412 Asthma in Wisconsin 2017 DPH
P-02409 Keeping You and Your Family Safe from Lead DPH
P-02408 Wisconsin Public Health and Health Care Preparedness 2018 Annual Report DPH
P-02407 Choose Safe Places - Top environmental health resources for child care centers DPH
P-02406 Clinics and Seal-a-Smile Programs Supported by the Wisconsin Oral Health Program DPH
P-02404A Ordering Active Tuberculosis Medications through the Wisconsin TB Dispensary Program DPH
P-02404 Ordering Latent Tuberculosis Infection Medications through the Wisconsin Tuberculosis Dispensary Program DPH
P-02403 Home-Based Asthma Program Improves Asthma Outcomes DPH
P-02402 Wisconsin Walgreens Rapid HIV Testing Program DPH
P-02401 Hepatitis A just the facts. . . DPH
P-02400 Wisconsin Immunization Registry: Reminder/Recall for Providers DPH
P-02398 Wisconsin Birth to 3 Program County Determination Matrix Template DMS
P-02397 DHS REDCap System Navigation Guide DPH
P-02396A School Administrator Checklist DPH
P-02396 School Vaccine Requirements: Administrators' Quick Guide DPH
P-02395A School Requirements for Immunization: Sixth-12th grades DPH
P-02395 School Immunization Requirements: Kindergarten-Fifth Grades DPH
P-02394 Smoking During Pregnancy DPH
P-02393 Nurse Aide State and Federal Employment Eligibility DQA
P-02392 CLTS Waiver Program Statewide Uniform Rate-Setting Transition FAQs DMS
P-02391 Air Conditioning Surcharges for FoodShare Utility Allowances DMS
P-02390 CLTS Interim TPA Service Authorization Guide for Statewide Uniform Rates DMS
P-02388A Public School District Compliance with the Wisconsin Student Immunization Law DPH
P-02388 Private School Compliance with the Wisconsin Student Immunization Law DPH
P-02387 Increasing Rates of Uterine Cancer in Wisconsin DPH
P-02386 Extreme Heat: Who's at Highest Risk? DPH
P-02384 Using PRAMS Data to Measure Social Determinants of Health DPH
P-02383 Medicaid in Wisconsin: A to Z DMS
P-02382A Tuberculosis Screening and Testing: Residents of Adult Long-term Care Facilities DPH


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