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Publications produced by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) are available for downloading and printing from this site. If a publication is not available electronically, you will be provided instructions for requesting a paper copy. 

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Assigned Number Titlesort descending Division Other Location
P-02002F EPHT: Leading a Sun Safety Campaign, Calumet County, Wisconsin DPH
P-02347 EPHT: Moving Local Nitrate Data to Focused Recommendations, LaCrosse County DPH
P-02063 EPHT: Policy Change in Reporting Birth Defects to Improve Surveillance Efforts DPH
P-02276 EPHT: Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Bayfield County, Wisconsin DPH
P-02513 EPHT: Reducing Barriers to Well Testing, Marquette County, Wisconsin DPH
P-02002C EPHT: Strengthening Sun Safety Policies at Child Care Centers DPH
P-01203 EPHT: Taking Action with Data - Funded Projects DPH
P-02249 EPHT: Testing Water For Lead In Schools - Waukesha County DPH
P-01201 EPHT: Tracking DPH
P-00860 Epidemiologic Profile of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) in Wisconsin 2014 DPH
P-01058 Epidemiologic Report: Understanding the Changing Trajectories of Cancer and Heart Disease Mortality 2015 DPH
P-02183 Establishing a Relationship with a University Geography Department to Build Mapping Capacity, Rock County DPH
P-00694 Estate Recovery Program Policy Changes Effective August 1, 2014 Fact Sheet DMS
P-13009 Estate Recovery Transfer by Affidavit DMS
P-01049 Estimated and Projected Population Ages 65 and Older with Dementia Living in Households in Wisconsin Counties, 2010-2040 DPH
P-02898 Ethical Framework for the Allocation of Therapeutics for COVID-19 in Wisconsin (SDMAC) CRT
P-02864 Ethics Subcommittee: Ethical Framework to Guide the Allocation of COVID-19 Therapeutics and Vaccines (SDMAC) OS
P-00612 Evacuation Cot Policy for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Assisted Living Facilities DPH
P-01594 Evaluation of the Music and Memory Program among Nursing Home Residents with Dementia DMS
P-00862 Evaluation of the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR) - Executive Summary DPH
P-02598B Everyone Safer at Home DPH
P-01222 Evidence-Based Paradigm Poster DMS
P-02795 Evidence-Based Strategies for Heart Health DPH
P-02838 EVV Program Payer Aggregator Webinar DMS
P-02742 EVV Provider Agency Webinar Training Agenda DMS
P-02706 EVV Successful Training Tips DMS
P-02116 Examples of Proof DMS
P-21012 EXCEL Short-Term Comprehensive Evaluation and Treatment Brochure DCTS
P-00876 Executive Summary for Stakeholder's Group, Birth to 3 Program DMS
P-02757A Executive Summary: Guidelines for the Prevention, Investigation, and Control of COVID-19 Outbreaks in K-12 Schools in Wisconsin OS
P-00253 Expedited Partner Therapy for Chlamydia Trachomatis Infection, Neisseria Gonorrhoeae Infection and Trichomoniasis: Guidance for Health Care Professionals in Wisconsin DPH
P-44958 Expressing Your Breast Milk DPH
P-02386 Extreme Heat: Who's at Highest Risk? DPH
P-23206 Facilitated Exploration: Discovering Individual Strengths and Challenges to Self-Employment, Workbook 1 DPH
P-02140 Facility Practices for Recruitment and Retention DMS
P-00039 Fact Sheet for Parents: Tdap Requirements for Middle and High School Students DPH
P-00548 Fall Prevention Among Older Adults: An Action Plan for Wisconsin DPH
P-00994 Falls in Assisted Living Facilities DQA
P-22089 Families Are The Foundation of Wisconsin's Birth to 3 Program DMS
P-00599 Family Care - MCO Financial Statement Summaries DMS
P-00599-20 Family Care - MCO Financial Statement Summaries Starting 2020 DMS
P-00088P Family Care Benefit Packages: Nursing Home and Non-Nursing Home Level of Care DPH
P-00244 Family Care Financial Evaluation DMS
P-01790 Family Care Geographic Service Region Map DMS
P-02553 Family Care Managed Care Organization (MCO) Scorecard DMS
P-02554 Family Care Partnership Managed Care Organization (MCO) Scorecard DMS
P-00600 Family Care Partnership/PACE - MCO Financial Statement Summaries DMS
P-00600-20 Family Care Partnership/PACE - MCO Financial Statement Summaries Starting 2020 DMS
P-00599A Family Care, Family Care Partnership and PACE Financial Summary Overview DMS
P-00774 Family Disposition of Human Remains (Family Burial) DPH


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