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Publications produced by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) are available for downloading and printing from this site. If a publication is not available electronically, you will be provided instructions for requesting a paper copy. 

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Assigned Number Titlesort ascending Division Other Location
P-02921 The COVID-19 Vaccine: Employer CRT
P-00709B The Climate and Health Connection DPH
P-00146 The Burden of Heart Disease and Stroke in Wisconsin 2010 DPH
P-01757 The Birth to 3 Program Parental Cost Share Tables DMS
P-00284 The 2011 Burden of Diabetes in Wisconsin DPH
P-02671 Thank You for Protecting Your Employees and Community OS
P-44349 Tetrachloroethylene DPH
P-42108 Tetanus (Lockjaw) DPH
P-00989A Testing the Waters: Using Well Water Data to Target Outreach DPH
P-00022 Ten Steps to Breastfeeding-Friendly Childcare Centers DPH
P-02667 Temporary Food Benefits for Students DMS
P-00088L Tell Me More About Self-Directed Supports in Managed Care DPH
P-00088H Tell Me More About Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) DPH
P-00088XA Tell Me More About Location of PACE Sites in Wisconsin DPH
P-00088M Tell Me More About IRIS DPH
P-02120 Tell Me More About Help With Communication DPH
P-00088F Tell Me More About Family Care Partnership DPH
P-00088D Tell Me More About Family Care DPH
P-02845 Tell Me More About Enrolling in Publicly Funded Long-Term Care Programs DPH
P-00088Y Tell Me More about Addressing My Concerns DPH
P-02808 Telehealth Information for You and Your Family DMS
P-00147 Teething DPH
P-02009 Technical Assistance (TA) – Office for Resource Center Development (ORCD) DPH
P-02480 TCE in the Air DPH
P-02662 Targeted well testing and source testing in small Wisconsin village DPH
P-02017 Targeted Case Management and the Wisconsin Birth to 3 Program DMS
P-44868 Talking with Your Partners is an Act of Caring and Concern DPH
P-00666E Talking Points for Wildfires DPH
P-01109L Talking Points for Vectorborne Diseases DPH
P-01037D Talking Points for Severe Storms DPH
P-00884F Talking Points for Drought DPH
P-00734C Talking Points for Chemical Releases DPH
P-01695 Taking a Break from the Wisconsin Winter? Protect Against Zika DPH
P-45103A Take action if your private well has high manganese. DPH
P-45103B Take action if your drinking water has high manganese. DPH
P-02815 System Change Notice: Children’s Long-Term Support (CLTS) Waitlist Program Participation System (PPS) Updates DMS
P-01833 Syphilis on the Rise in Wisconsin DPH
P-42095A Syphilis (Treponema Pallidum) Professional DPH
P-42095 Syphilis DPH
P-00553A Syndromic Surveillance Data Submission to the Wisconsin Division of Public Health DPH
P-90040 Sylvia’s Spinach DPH
P-40030 Switch To Skim or 1% Milk DPH
P-42094 Swimmer's Itch DPH
P-02416 Suspect Measles? Isolate. Test. Report. Vaccinate. DPH
P-00666C Surviving a Wildfire if Unable to Evacuate DPH
P-63174 Survey Guide: Behavioral Health Certification for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services DQA
P-62014 Survey Guide – Long-Term Care Facilities DQA
P-63075 Survey Guide Home Health and Hospice Licensure and Certification DQA
P-01227 Survey Guide Clinical Laboratories - Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) DQA
P-00191 Survey Guide - Personal Care Agency Approval DQA


Last Revised: June 18, 2020