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Assigned Number Title Division Other Locationsort descending
P-02644 Medical Professionals Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Extended Wear: Eye Protection, Mask, and Gown DPH
P-02644A Medical Professionals Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Conserve: N95 Respirator, Face Shield, and Goggles DPH
P-02644B Medical Professionals Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) N95 Respirator Limited Reuse: Removal, Storage, and Retrieval DPH
P-02600N Small Talks: Talking Points DCTS
P-02600M Small Talks: Backgrounder DCTS
P-02645 Law Enforcement Personnel: Use and Conservation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) DPH
P-02655 I have COVID-19. Is my pet at risk? DPH
P-02656 COVID-19: What pet owners need to know DPH
P-02664 COVID-19: Protecting Yourself During a Home Visit DPH
P-02661 Increasing Well Water Testing and Identifying Contamination Sources - Clark County, Wisconsin DPH
P-02663 Alternate Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Systems DMS
P-02665 Use and Conservation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Delivery Drivers DPH
P-02665A Use and Conservation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Home and Community Based Service Providers DPH
P-02665B Use and Conservation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Recipients of Home and Community Based Services DPH
P-02665C Use and Conservation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): In-Home Visits for Social Workers DPH
P-02665D Use and Conservation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Providers of Transportation Services DPH
P-02666 COVID-19 Resources for Long-Term Care Facilities DPH
P-02576 First Responder Wallet Card DCTS
P-02667 Temporary Food Benefits for Students DMS
P-02246B Using Deciding Together During the COVID-19 Pandemic DMS
P-02669 Working Remotely: A Resource Guide for County Behavioral Health Staff During the COVID-19 Pandemic OS
P-02422C Emergency Medical Services Funding Assistance Program Application Checklist DPH
P-02670 A Guide to Sources of Support During COVID-19 For People Living with Mental Health & Substance Use Concerns DCTS
P-02673 COVID-19 Employers Toolkit: Cough Etiquette DPH
P-02674 Contact Tracing: A Key to Stopping the Spread of COVID-19 OS
P-02675 Overview of Wisconsin's COVID-19 Testing Plan for Nursing Homes and ICF/IIDs DQA
P-02677 COVID-19 Public Use Data Definitions DES
P-02679 Continued Birth to 3 Program Services During COVID-19 DMS
P-02680 COVID-19 Testing: Help Your Specimen Get Accepted DPH
P-02659 Social Determinants County Profiles DPH
P-02673A COVID-19 Employers Toolkit: Cloth Face Coverings DPH
P-02673B COVID-19 Employers Toolkit: Physical Distancing DPH
P-02673C COVID-19 Employers Toolkit: Ways You Can Protect Your Employees During COVID-19 DPH
P-02683 Information for Facility Staff About COVID-19 Testing DQA
P-02681B Up Close with Tobacco and Socioeconomic Status DPH
P-02681A Up Close with Tobacco and the LGBTQ+ Communities DPH
P-02681 Up Close with Tobacco and American Indians DPH
P-02684 Wisconsin CARES Act Provider Payment Program Help Documents DMS
P-02633A COVID-19: Quarantine release times - I live with someone who was never sick, but was diagnosed with COVID-19 DPH
P-02632A COVID-19: Isolation release times - I have been diagnosed with COVID-19, but never felt sick DPH
P-02668 A User Guide for Creating a Stroke Data Reliability Process DPH
P-02687 Specimen Collection Request Process for Nursing Homes and Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IIDs) DQA
P-02599 Next Steps: while you wait for your COVID-19 test results DPH
P-02689 Pandemic EBT Information Sheet DMS
P-02690 Out of Work Due to COVID-19? Apply for Benefits DMS
P-02691 Long Term PPE Distribution Process DPH
P-02671 Thank You for Protecting Your Employees and Community OS
P-02699 Decontamination Flow Chart and Guidance DPH
P-02692 Resilient Wisconsin: In times of stress, these resources can help. DCTS
P-02695 Moving Prevention Upstream DCTS


Last Revised: June 18, 2020