Radon Mitigation (Reduction) Contractor List for Wisconsin

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Radon measurement and mitigation trainings are held in Wisconsin twice per year. To be listed here, contact Wisconsin's Radon Grant Manager, Jessica Maloney, at 608-267-7199 once you obtain certification.

Note to Consumers and Contractors:

There are no state regulations specifically for radon businesses in Wisconsin. The list below is combined from two national certifying organizations: American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST), and National Radon Safety Board – Radon Proficiency Program. To be listed by these organizations, an individual must pass a national exam, meet continuing education requirements, maintain a quality-assurance program, and follow appropriate testing protocols. The websites for these two organizations provide the most up-to-date information.

In the table, each contractor listed for a county* also serves surrounding counties.
Certification ID and
Expiration Date
Business *County Phone

Daniel Wiggins
NRPP:  106656RMT
Expiration:  7/31/2016

Bad River Band of Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians Ashland 715-682-7123
Brian Behling
NRPP:  107513RMT
Expiration:  4/30/2016
Thompson Homes, Inc. Brown 920-592-1112

Jason Trimberger
NRPP:  106227RMT
Expiration:  04/30/2017

Great Lakes Radon Testing and Mitigation, LLC Brown 920-660-6324
Adam Olinski
NRPP:  104255RMT
Expiration:  1/31/2018
A-1 Radon & Vacuum Brown 920-639-6542
Jacob Cisewski
NRPP:  108102RMT
Expiration:  06/30/2017
JC Radon Services, LLC Buffalo 507-458-2730

Jeffrey Hartman
NRPP:  104926RMT
Expiration:  04/30/2018

Wisconsin Radon Measurement and Mitigation Chippewa 715-559-0684

Carl Francis
NRPP:  103660RMT
Expiration:  02/28/2018

Radon Measurement and Mitigation, Inc.


Daniel Tompkins
NRPP: 105008RMT
Expiration:  6/30/2016
S.W.A.T.  Environmental Columbia 608-256-9606
Lance Rule
NRPP:  RMT-108623
Expiration: 04/30/2018
Radon Solutions of Wisconsin, LLC. Dane 608-279-7853

Daniel Skelton
NRPP:   105212RMT
Expiration: 2/28/2017

Radon, Inc Dane 608-467-0257

Michael Gallagher
NRPP:  106251RMT
Expiration:  5/31/2017

M.P.G. Builders Dane 608-516-5541

Tony Hendricks
NRPP:  104196RMT
Expiration:  4/30/2018

Acura Services Dane 608-772-2349

David Cook
NRPP:  107496RMT
Expiration:  3/31/2018

DC Mitigation, LLC Dane 262-749-4266

Eric Mikkelson
NRPP:  102432RMT
Expiration:  8/31/2016

Fresh-Air System, Inc. Dane 608-835-7669

Corey Benson
NRPP:  107749RMT
Expiration:  9/30/2016

Zander  Solutions Dane 608-833-6620
Brandon Wittman
NRPP: 107834RMT
Radon Specialists of Wisconsin Dane 608-834-3167
Rodney Reible
NRPP:  107491RMT
Expiration:  3/31/2018
Advanced Radon Solutions Dodge 920-296-4310
Jamie Adamski
NRPP:  104698RMT
Expiration:  11/30/2017
Adamski Builders, LLC Douglas 218-727-2495
Jeffrey Hartman
NRPP:  104926RT
Expiration:  4/30/2018
Wisconsin Radon Measurement and Mitigation Eau Claire 715-559-0684
Steve Polzin
NRPP: 106270RMT
Expiration:  6/30/2017
Classic Radon Services Eau Claire 715-559-0398
Greg Welke
NRPP 105925RMT
Expiration:  7/31/2016
Hovlands, Inc. Eau Claire 715-832-1691

Damian Treiber
NRPP:  100336RMT
Expiration:  2/28/2018

The House Doctor

near Florence


Ron Cutter
NRPP:  106065RMT
Expiration:  3/31/2017

Cutter Vac, LLC Fond du Lac 920-922-3360

Theodore Gabriel
NRPP:  103610RMT
Expiration:  5/31/2016

Gabriel Heating and Radon Services Grant 608-348-6760
Bret Patterson
NRPP:  104745 RMT
Expiration:  04/30/2017
Patterson Comfort and Safety Grant 563-585-1232
Richard Marti
NRPP:  108409RMT
Expiration:  1/31/2018
Marti Construction LLC. Green 608-558-8919
Edward M. Vacha
NRPP: RMT-108625
Expiraton: 04/30/2018
Radon Solutions of Wisconsin, LLC. Iowa 608-235-3886
Travis Jewell
NRPP:  104688RMT
Expiration:  12/31/2017
RadoVent Radon Reduction Services Kenosha 888-698-8368
Karla Newman
NRPP:  101916RMT
Expiration:  03/31/2017
Radon Remedy, LLC


Jeff Tenuta
NRPP:  101809RMT
Expiration:  3/31/2017
American Radon Removal Co


Jeff Engen
NRPP:  104334RMT
Expiration:  7/31/2017
Radon Mitigation Services La Crosse
Dave Richling
NRPP:  104153RMT
Expiration:  3/31/2017
Schneider Heating and Air Conditioning

La Crosse

Lucas Erickson
NRPP:  108151RMT
Expiration:  7/31/2017
Erickson Radon Solutions Lafayette 608-558-6155

Jerald Weyer
NRSB:  #301
Expiration:  12/30/2017

Radon Reduction Specialists



Thomas Desautel
NRPP:  103920RMT
Expiration:  6/30/2016

The Radon Man of Wisconsin Marathon 715-581-4446

Steve Garbacz
NRSB: G598
Expiration: 4/30/2016

Benjamin Stromberg
NRSB: 15G014
Expiration: 03/30/2018

Abatron Engineering Marathon 715-675-7277

Mark Howe
NRPP:  104707RMT
Expiration: 8/31/2017

Howe Radon Contracting Marathon 715-370-1402
Benjamin Stromberg
NRPP:  107539RMT
Expiration:  4/30/2018
Abatron Engineering Marathon 715-675-7277

Keith Fisher
NRPP:  107046RMT
Expiration:  5/31/2017

Accurate Radon Mitigation Systems, Inc. Milwaukee 262-378-1293

James Clark
NRPP:  106265RMT
Expiration:  4/30/2017

Kinship Mitigation Service Milwaukee 414-270-1033
Earl Cull
NRPP: 107113RMT
Expiration:  7/31/2017
Patriot Plumbing Inc. Milwaukee 262-370-3711

Chase Nicholson
NRPP:  104944RMT
Expiration: 10/31/2017

Paul Nicholson
NRPP:  102418RMT
Expiration: 10/31/2017

Pierce Nicholson
NRPP:  108070RMT
Expiration:  5/31/2017

Radon Measurement and Elimination Services




Tom Heine
NRPP:  101879RMT
Expiration:  1/31/2017

Radon Abatement



Jerome O' Callaghan
NRPP:  105889RMT
Expiration:  5/31/2016

Wisconsin Radon and Environmental Milwaukee 414-477-6026

Chad Rogness
NRPP:  106455RMT
Expiration:  1/31/2018

S.W.A.T. Environmental Milwaukee 262-542-5288

Richard Drew
NRPP:  101877RMT
Expiration: 11/30/2017

Allis Environmental Services Milwaukee 414-303-4338
Ryan Macheski
NRPP:  107833RMT
Expiration: 12/31/2016
Radon Specialists of Wisconsin Milwaukee 262-293-9180

Kenneth Klimek
NRPP: 106391RMT
Expiration:  8/31/2017

Lindquist Plumbing Oconto 920-826-6344

Robert C. Peterson
NRPP:  103965RMT
Expiration:  8/31/2016

Rock Road Plumbing



Eric John Lehner
NRPP:  106393RMT
Expiration:  8/31/2017

Stonehenge Development Inc



Mike Trebil
NRPP:  107549 RT
Expiration:  4/30/2016

GC Companies, LLC


Val Riedman
NRPP Certification:  103414RMT
Expiration:  7/31/2017

Croix Valley Radon Mitigation


Anthony Walter
NRPP Certification:
Expiration:  12/31/2017
All Electric, LLC Portage 715-897-2693

Ernest Eckendorf
NRPP Certification:  102712RMT
Expiration:  4/30/2017

Safe and Secure Inspections



William Seitz
NRPP Certification:  105350RMT
Expiration:  4/30/2017

All In One Portage 715-445-1900
Daniel Alvey
NRPP:  108391RMT
Expiration:  1/31/2018
RaDan Remediation Racine 414-416-5654

David Cook
NRPP:  107496RMT
Expiration:  3/31/2018

DC Mitigation Rock 262-749-4266

Jeff Karich
NRPP ID 106046RMT 
Expiration:  5/30/2016

Superior Radon Mitigation, LLC Rock 800-631-1403

John Thompson
NRPP:  103633RMT
Expiration:  10/31/2017

A.T. Pro Mitigation Systems



Kevin McGuire
NRPP:  106476RMT
Expiration:  1/31/2018

Residential Design Associates, LLC Sauk 608-214-6061
Justin Everts
NRPP: 108329
Expiration 12/31/2017
Everts Construction, LLC St. Croix 651-248-5427
Daniel Korum
NRPP: 103532 RMT
Expiration 10/31/2017
Northland Radon Service St. Croix 715-760-1610

Jeff Nelson
NRPP:  104202RMT
Expiration:  11/30/2016

Nelson Construction and Radon Syst. St. Croix 715-246-5873

Michael Langer
NRPP:  105759RMT
Expiration:  5/31/2016

Langer Construction St. Croix 651-261-1830
Aaron Riendeau
NRPP:  107676RMT
Expiration:  7/31/2016
St. Croix Energy Solutions, Inc. St. Croix 844-446-6379
Patrick F. Simones
NRPP: 108240 RMT
Expiration: 9/30/2017
Midwest Radon Solutions, LLC. St. Croix 651-206-1551
Eric Theis
NRPP:  107822RMT
Expiration:  11/30/2016
North Star Radon Solutions, LLC St. Croix 651-261-0334
William Pabich
NRPP:  108202
Expiration: 8/31/2017
Pabich Radon Mitigation, LLC Trempeleau 715-828-9174
David Cook
NRPP:  107496RMT
Expiration:  3/31/2018
DC Mitigation, LLC
Christopher Strube
NRPP:  106577RMT
Expiration:  5/31/2016
Radon Remediation Specialists Walworth 262-684-4400

Kurt Hoffmann
NRPP:  102707RMT
Expiration: 5/31/2017

Freedom Radon Solutions, LLC


Robert C. Layman, Jr.
NRPP: 107115RMT
Expiration: 6/30/2017
M2 Certified Radon Services Washington 262-224-3992
Craig Becker
NRPP:  107572RMT
Expiration:  5/31/2016
Becker Bros. Radon, LLC Waukesha 262-308-4192

Scott Campbell
NRPP:  101552RMT
Expiration:  8/31/2017

Lifetime Radon Solutions Waukesha 262-955-5701
David Cook
NRPP:  107496RMT
Expiration:  3/31/2018
DC Mitigation Waukesha 262-749-4266
Christopher Hencket
NRPP:  107725RMT
Expiration:  9/30/2016
S.W.A.T. Holdings, LLC Waukesha 262-542-5288

Gary Lusz
NRPP:   105001RMT
Expiration:  10/31/2016

Best Radon Solutions, LLC Waukesha 262-745-4764
Ryan Macheski
NRPP:  107833RMT
Expiration:  12/31/2016
Radon Specialists of Wisconsin Waukesha 262-293-9180

Rick Weber
NRPP:  104185RMT
Expiration:  3/31/2017

Radon Rescuers, LLC



Vaughn Vescio
NRPP:  105154RMT
Expiration:  3/31/2017

Advanced Radon Management



Christopher Strube
NRPP:  106577RMT
Expiration:  5/31/2016

Radon Remediation Specialists Waukesha 262-684-4400

Keith Toll
NRPP:  103622RMT
Expiration:  4/30/2017

Radon Problem Solvers Waukesha 262-370-5894

Mike Gryszkiewicz
NRPP: 104175RMT
Expiration:  3/31/2017

Radon Rescuers Waukesha 262-844-4267
Gregg Zetzman
NRSB: 2G0003
Expiration:  10/30/2016
Radon Mitigators Waukesha 262-538-9966

Christopher Henckel
NRPP: 107725RMT
Expiration: 9/30/2016

SWAT Holdings, LLC Waukesha 262-542-5288
George Booth
NRPP:  107258RMT
Expiration: 11/30/2017
SWAT Holdings, LLC Waukesha 414-442-1300

Ben Daniels
NRPP:  107835RMT
Expiration: 12/31/2016

David Daniels
NRPP:  101792RMT
Expiration:  8/31/2016

Nick Marks
NRPP:  106011RMT
Expiration: 8/31/2016

Chris Voigt
NRPP:  102953RMT
Expiration:  4/30/2016

Radon Specialists of Wisconsin



Scott Fischer
NRPP: 107014RMT 
Expiration:  2/28/2017

American Radon Reduction, LLC Winnebago

Ken Weber
NRPP Certification:  105560RMT
Expiration:  11/30/2017

The Radon Doctor Wood 715-305-4356

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