DHS Asbestos Project Notification Form F-00041: Certified or Uncertified

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Notification to Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) of regulated asbestos activities that involve abatement of any amount of non-friable asbestos containing materials (ACM) more than one waste bag, or amount of friable ACM below the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) threshold for notification to DNR. The DNR threshold requiring notification is the removal of more than 160 sq.ft., 260 linear ft., or 35 cu. ft. of friable ACM.


Certified or Uncertified


DHS Notification for regulated asbestos projects that are not otherwise notified to WDNR. DHS Notification must be received prior to the project start date. Please see Asbestos Project Notification for more information.


Project dates determine the duration. Notification must be received by DHS prior to the start of the regulated project.


2 day or more notice: $50
Less than a 2 day notice: $100


Company conducting project must be a DHS-certified asbestos company and employ or contract with certified workers and supervisors to conduct the regulated asbestos activity. Exemption for homeowners conducting asbestos work in their own single-family owner-occupied home.

Application Process

DHS Form F-00041, Asbestos Project Notification

Required Documentation


WI Statutes

Section 254.20

WI Administrative Code

Certification and Training Course Requirements for Asbestos Activities (DHS 159)

Additional Information

See Asbestos for more information

Last Revised: October 2, 2019