Previous Approved CBRF Training Programs (Prior to April 1, 2010)

CBRF Department approved training issued before April 1, 2009, shall expire on April 1, 2010, when the new approval system is implemented.  The following training programs can be used to verify only training completed prior to April 1, 2010.

Training programs are in alphabetical order by location (city), including non-Wisconsin locations (Minnesota, Oregon, Illinois, etc.).

  • All CBRF Training Programs (PDF) - both those training any applicant and those training their own staff only.  Alphabetical by community name.  Includes training program number for verification purposes.

The following list only identifies programs that provide training for any applicant. Those who provide training only for their own staff are not included.

For current CBRF Department-approved training programs, please visit the Wisconsin CBRF Training Registry.

Last Revised: April 19, 2017