End Stage Renal Dialysis (ESRD) - Training

This training page will be dedicated to training needs for the ESRD industry.

Jan Deane from the ESRD Quality Improvement Organization Network 11, created the first training in collaboration with the Division of Quality Assurance based on compliance trends and needs identified in Quality Assurance Process Improvement (QAPI).

This training includes 5 modules that define a step by step process to assist ESRD facilities in implementing quality QAPI programs.

Each of the 5 modules has corresponding presentation handouts next to it Handouts can be printed off ahead of time. At the beginning of each presentation you will be asked to answer one or two questions.

Using QAPI to improve Care: Making it Work

Module 1: Process of Change Speaker Slides (PDF)
Module 2: Team Approach Speaker Slides (PDF)
Module 3: Regulation Content Speaker Slides (PDF)
Module 4: Setting Goals and Identifying Barriers Speaker Slides (PDF)
Module 5: Developing a Plan for Improvement and Sustaining the Change Speaker Slides (PDF)
Last Revised: April 11, 2017