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See also critical access hospitals contacts information. You may also email the Division of Quality Assurance.


To file a complaint, see Complaints Concerning Health or Residential Care in Wisconsin.

Fire Reporting

All fires in a licensed health or residential care facility in Wisconsin must be reported to the Department of Health Services within 72 hours (check specific rule requirements).

Questions about this process may be directed to the "Fire Authority" at 608-266-8016. Refer to DQA memo 17-003 (PDF) for additional information.

DQA Contacts         

Hospital swing beds: Thomas Rylander, 608-266-7297

Hospital swing bed MDS and PPS reporting requirements: Heather Newton, 920-360-6102 

Licensing and Certification: Thomas Rylander, 608-266-7297

Director, Bureau of Health Services: Ann Hansen, 608-264-9887

Administrator, Division of Quality Assurance: Otis Woods, 608-267-7185

Last Revised: February 10, 2021