Ambulance Service Providers - Renewal

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A license for a person to continue to engage in the business of transporting sick, disabled or injured individuals by ambulance, including air ambulance.




A business engaged in of transporting sick, disabled or injured individuals by ambulance (including air ambulance) to or from facilities or institutions providing health services.


All provider licenses expire on June 30 of even-numbered years regardless of the issue date.




Currently licensed as an ambulance service provider.

Application Process

Renewal applications are available to the service directors e-licensing account only.

Required Documentation

Renewal application, proof of current medical malpractice insurance sufficient to protect the EMTs, a roster of licensed EMTs and EMTs in training affiliated with the service and service director and medical director signatures authorizing EMTs to practice with the service.

WI Statutes

Wisconsin Statute 256, Emergency Medical Services licensing.

WI Administrative Code

Wisconsin Administrative Code DHS 110, Licensing Ambulance Services.

Additional Information

For additional information on EMS in Wisconsin, visit the EMS website

Last Revised: May 15, 2020