Wisconsin Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) in Long-Term Care Coalition Surveillance Workshops

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Based on the results of the evaluations of the Wisconsin HAIs in Long-Term Care Coalition’s two-day infection prevention and control conference held in September 2013, conference participants indicated they needed additional training regarding how to conduct surveillance based on current standards of practice.  Based on this feedback, the Wisconsin HAIs in Long-Term Care Coalition, along with the WI Regional Director of Nursing Groups and the WI Director of Nursing (DON) Council, hosted nine Surveillance Workshops around the State.

Workshop attendees learned how to:

  1. Conduct systematic surveillance for targeted HAIs using standardized LTC case definitions.
  2. Use surveillance data to track HAI rates and monitor progress toward reduction of HAI incidence.
Registration was limited to 50 attendees per workshop, and there was no registration fee to attend. Each nursing home was limited to one or two staff attending using the following criteria:
  • One person from each nursing home if he/she was the Director of Nursing who ALSO oversees infection prevention and surveillance.
  • Two persons from each nursing home if there was an Infection Preventionist responsible for surveillance, then this person and the Director of Nursing attended together with separate registrations.

Attendance Criteria

  • Commitment to surveillance program.
  • Attendance at the September 2013 HAI in LTC Conference is preferred but not required.
  • It is recommended that all attendees view the webcast "Surveillance for Healthcare-Associated Infections Among Long-Term Care Facilities: The Basics" located on the HAI Long Term Care Coalition Events web page.

Surveillance workshops were held in the following locations:

Milwaukee     May 13, 2014
Green Bay      May 20, 2014
Madison         June 17, 2014
La Crosse       June 18, 2014
Eau Claire       September 12, 2014
Madison         September 22, 2014
Wausau –         September 26, 2014
Green Bay      October 7, 2014
Milwaukee     October 8, 2014

Three hundred sixteen individuals attended the four hour workshops.


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Last Revised: January 26, 2016