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The web sites listed below are listed as informational resources and are external to the DHS Web.

Number Subject Pages K Tag
S&C-14-29 CMS sprinkler time extension application process 6 K56
S&C-14-21 CMS proposed rule to adopt the 2012 Life Safety Code 1  
S&C-14-07 Hospital Equipment Maintenance Requirements 16  
S&C-13-58 CMS additional LSC waiver provisions 5  
S&C-13-55 August 13, 2013 Deadline - Installation of Automatic Sprinkler Systems in Nursing Homes - Revised 14 K56
S&C-13-47 ESRD Life Safety Surveys 4  
S&C-13-25 Relative Humidity & Anesthetic Locations 4  
S&C-12-29 LSC burden relief 3  
S&C-12-21 Waivers of the 2012 edition of the Life Study Code 2  
S&C-12-07 Equipment Maintenance Requirements 12  
S&C-11-07 Interior Finish Documentation Requirements for Multiple Providers 2  

Corridor Width

2 K32
S&C-09-24 ESRD Life Safety Code effective date 5  
S&C-09-04 Adoption of New Fire Safety Requirements for Long Term Care Facilities, Mandatory Sprinkler Installation Requirement 20  
S&C-08-34 Compliance with State Fire and Safety Code in Lieu of  Safety Code 8  
S&C-08-01 Emergency Preparedness Initiative:  Declared Public Health Emergency FAQs - All Hazards 39  
S&C-07-29 Canopy and Overhang Sprinkler Requirement and the use of FSES 3 K56
S&C-07-21 Generators in Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC's) 2 K145, K146
S&C-07-18 Permitted Gaps in Corridor Doors 3 K18, K27
S&C-07-11 Alcohol-based Skin Preparations in Anesthetizing Locations 3 K211
S&C-07-10 Medical Gas Storage and Usage Considerations 2 K76
S&C-07-07 Culture Change Regulatory Compliance Questions and Answers 16 K39, K72
S&C-07-05 Exit Discharge and the Fire Safety Evaluation System (FSES) 2 K38


Final Rule regarding Adoption of Alcohol Based Hand Rubs (ABHRs) and Installation of Battery Powered Smoke Alarms 3 K211, K54


Life Safety Code Clarification - Amount of Air Movement Allowed Between Corridors and Resident Rooms - Plenum Waiver Requirements 2 K67


Life Safety Code survey issues including wardrobe/closet sprinkler requirements, exit discharge surfacing requirements and canopy sprinkler requirements 3 K56, K38


Alcohol Based Hand Rubs (ABHRs) to be used in exit access corridors provided they meet certain requirements 14 K211


State Performance Review Protocol Guidance with clarifying language related to Life Safety Code (LSC) and new standard titles 2  


Corridors Width & Corridor Mounted Computer Touch Screens in Health Care Facilities 3 K39


Life Safety Code (LSC) and State Performance Standards 3  


Life Safety Code (LSC) Surveyor Reference Materials 2  


Procedures in the Event of a Fire in a Medicare-or Medicaid-Certified Health Care Facility 2  


Major vs Minor rehabilitation of a building 2  
S&C-04-14 Critical Access Hospitals will be permitted to incease the number of acute care beds to 25 1  


Adoption of the 2000 Life Safety Code with amendments 3  
Last Revised: May 12, 2015