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04/07/15 FYI / Wisconsin APIC 2015 Educational Seminar – Registration Open
03/27/15 DQA Memo 15-004/WI Admin. Code s. DHS 132.42 (3) (a) - Pre-employment Screening for Clinically Apparent Communicable Disease
03/26/15 DQA Memo 15-003/Waivers, Approvals, Variances, and Exceptions Request - Assisted Living Providers
03/20/15 FYI / CLIA: Clinical Laboratory Survey and Certification (S&C) CMS 15-11 reissued as draft
03/18/15 DQA Memo 15-002/Section DHS 132.84 (2) (e) Sharing of toilet facilities between sexes
03/18/15 DQA Memo 15-001/Suspension of Advance Directives
03/05/15 Reminder: Request for Nursing Home Participation in Research Study About Antibiotic Improvement Activities
02/04/15 FYI / Training Opportunity for Nursing Home Staff - Managing Difficult Behaviors: We All Hold the Keys
01/21/15 FYI / Educational Webinar for Nursing Home Staff regarding Fall Prevention tomorrow 1/22/2015
12/09/14 FYI / New Online Training Now Available For WI Nursing Homes
11/05/14 FYI / CLIA: Removal of CLSI document references from the Interpretive Guidelines
10/20/14 FYI / Antibiotic Use in Nursing Homes Position Paper
10/13/14 FYI / Information for Hospitals and Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) Concerning Possible Ebola Virus Disease
10/09/14 FYI / Hydrocodone Combination Products
10/07/14 DQA Quarterly Information Update - October 2014
10/06/14 FYI / New 2014 International Pressure Ulcer Guidelines
09/25/14 FYI/Reminder: Sign up now for DQA and UW Oshkosh Caregiver Project Workshops
09/11/14 DQA Memo 14-010/Clarifications Surrounding Emergency Protective Placement - AFHs & CBRFs
09/11/14 DQA Memo 14-009/Clarification Concerning Emergency Protective Placement - Nursing Homes
09/11/14 DQA Memo 14-008/Facility Closure/Relocation Plans
09/10/14 FYI/Home Health Agency IDR process
09/05/14 FYI/BOALTC Recommendations for Addressing Resident Relationships
09/02/14 FYI/Sign up for DQA and UW Oshkosh Caregiver Project Workshops
07/23/14 FYI/Heat Awareness
07/22/14 FYI/MDS 3.0 for Beginners training program
07/16/14 DQA Memo 14-006/Plan of Correction Due Date (Assisted Living)
07/10/14 FYI/State Health Agency Announces Expansion of its Successful & Popular Music & Memory Program
07/10/14 FYI/Free Standing Personal Care Provider training modules
06/30/14 DQA Quarterly Information Update - July 2014
06/23/14 FYI/Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) releases guide for AL & nursing facilities on preventing financial exploitation
06/17/14 Department of Health Services/Dementia Care System Redesign Plan - Regional Listening Sessions
06/10/14 FYI/Reminder: Sign up for DQA and UW Oshkosh Caregiver Project Workshops
06/02/14 DQA Memo 14-004/2013 Wisconsin Act 357 - Nurse Aide Training "Bridge" Program
05/27/14 FYI / Southeastern Wisconsin Educational Summit for Long?Term Care Providers
05/14/14 DQA Memo 14-003/Regionalization Application Process for Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)
05/09/14 FYI/FDA Laboratory Device Recalls
05/07/14 FYI/Educational Seminar for Wisconsin Long Term Care Infection Preventionists - Registration Open
04/17/14 DQA Quarterly Information Update - April 2014
04/17/14 FYI/Attention: Nursing Homes only/Important message regarding reporting Alleged
04/17/14 FYI/Attention: Clinical Laboratories/National Provider Call - Registration Now Open
04/16/14 FYI/CMS National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care in Nursing Homes
04/11/14 Important message regarding reporting Alleged Nursing Home Resident Mistreatment Reporting


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