Home Health Agency: Continual

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Division of Quality Assurance/Bureau of Health Services
Licensing, Certification & CLIA Section
P.O. Box 2969
Madison, WI 53701-2969

Continuation of license to operate a home health agency.




License required to operate a home health agency, which provides part-time and intermittent skilled nursing and other therapeutic services on a visiting basis to persons in their homes.


Non-expiring. However, agencies are required to pay the annual fee and submit an annual report on a schedule determined by the Division of Quality Assurance.


0.25% of annual patient fees. This annual fee is not less than $500 and no more than $2,500.


Home health agency holding a regular non-expiring state license.


Annual license continuation reports will be sent to home health agencies by the licensing agency. If you need a duplicate, contact the Division of Quality Assurance at 608-266-7297 or via email.

WI Statutes

Chapter 50.49, Licensing and Regulation of Home Health Agencies

WI Administrative Code

Chapter DHS 133, Home Health Agencies
Chapter DHS 12, Caregiver Background Checks

Federal Regulations

42 CFR 484 Code of Federal Regulations, Conditions of Participation, if the agency is certified for Medicare and/or Medicaid.

Last Revised: April 4, 2018