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Listed below are the presentations/sessions that were provided during the Division of Quality Assurance FOCUS 2012 Special Session and FOCUS 2012 Conference. The table identifies session titles, speaker names, and speaker handouts. Select a session title to access the associated webcast. If a webcast or handout is not available it is stated in the table.

Information presented in connection with the State of Wisconsin, Division of Quality Assurance’s FOCUS 2012 Conference by speakers should not be construed as an endorsement of such information by the State of Wisconsin, Division of Quality Assurance.

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FOCUS 2012 Special Session
"The Art and Science of Fall Prevention"
November 28, 2012

Breakout Session TitleSpeakerHandouts

ABCs of Minimizing Fall Risks in Healthcare Facilities

Mindy Oxman Renfro, PT, PhD, GCS, CPHSpeaker Slides (PDF, 1.3 MB)
Assessing Fall Risk for the Community Dwelling Older AdultMindy Oxman Renfro, PT, PhD, GCS, CPHSpeaker Slides (PDF, 1.6 MB)

Don't Fence Me In: Cognitive Changes and Falls Prevention

Susan Wehry, MDSpeaker Slides (PDF, 659 KB)
Handout 1 (PDF, 390 KB)
Handout 2 (PDF, 236 KB)
Handout 3 (PDF, 150 KB)
How to Improve Patient Safety in Nursing HomesKathie Nichols, BSN, RN, CRRNSpeaker Slides (PDF, 1.1 MB)
How to Improve Patient Safety in Nursing Homes (Survey Instrument)Kathie Nichols, BSN, RN, CRRNSpeaker Slides (PDF, 57 KB)
How to Prevent Falls Related to Wheelchair UseBetsy Willy, PT, MA, CWSSpeaker Slides (PDF, 500 KB)
Identifying & Managing Bladder Symptoms to Reduce Fall Risk in EldersKelly Kruse, APRN, MSSpeaker Slides (PDF, 641 KB)
Keynote: Understanding Falls and Falls PreventionAleksandra Zecevic, PhDSpeaker Slides (PDF, 1.3 MB)
Medication and Falls: How to Prevent Those Things That Go Bump in the NightRobert Breslow, RPh, BCPSSpeaker Slides (PDF, 961 KB)
Mitigating Risk and Legal Issues in Falls (no webcast available)Kathleen Martin, RN, MSN, MPA, LNHA, CPHQ, WCCSpeaker Slides (PDF, 603 KB)
Strength and Balance: Get Up and GoValeree Lecey, MS, OTSpeaker Slides (PDF, 526 KB)
Team Approach to Process Improvement; Panel Members from St. Francis Home (no webcast available)Carol Mueller, RN
Shantel Magner, RN
Audrey Linn, MS, ATR-BC, WATR, ADPC
Candice Bartoli, CNA
Speaker Slides (PDF, 5 MB)
Handout 1 (PDF, 165 KB)
The CSI of a Fall: A Systems Approach to Investigating Causes of FallsAleksandra Zecevic, PhDSpeaker Slides (PDF, 1.8 MB)
The Rights of Individuals in Relation to Falls (no webcast available)Heather Bruemmer, NHA, ACC, MTNone

FOCUS 2012 Conference
"Mission Possible!"
November 29, 2012

Breakout Session TitleSpeakerHandouts
2011-2013: Long Term Care Sustainability PlanPris BoroniecSpeaker Slides (PDF, 512 KB)
Handout 1 (PDF, 34 KB)
Handout 2 (PDF, 31 KB)
ABCs of Pressure Ulcer Prevention in Assisted LivingShawneen Schmitt, MSN, MS, RN, CWOCN, CFCN, LNCSpeaker Slides (PDF, 272 KB)
Handout 1 (PDF, 15 KB)
Handout 2 (PDF, 101 KB)
Handout 3 (PDF, 1.5 MB)
Handout4 (PDF, 25 KB)
Antimicrobial Susceptibility Data: Why Do We Need It, What Does It Mean, How Can We Use It?Raymond Podzorski, PhD, D(ABMM)Speaker Slides (PDF, 918 KB)
Assessing Wandering Behavior: Who is at Risk and How Do we Intervene? (no webcast available)Wendy Betley, CSW; Lynda Markut, MSSpeaker Slides (PDF, 111 KB)
Handout 1 (PDF, 189 KB)
Challenging Behaviors: Physical and Psychosocial/Environmental Care for Persons with DementiaChris Kovach, PhD, RN, FAANSpeaker Slides (PDF, 1.3 MB)
Complying with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Limited English Proficiency Requirement for Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes (no webcast available)David DuranSpeaker Slides (PDF, 572 KB)
COPD and the Management of Respiratory Disease in the ElderlyEric Tangalois, MD, FACP, AGSF, CMDSpeaker Slides (PDF, 2.1 MB)
Cultural Competence and Cross Cultural Communications (no webcast available)Gladis BenavidesNone
Delirium (no webcast available)Jeremy Peacock, MDSpeaker Slides (PDF, 607 KB)
Heel Pressure Ulcers: Facts and FictionJoyce Black, PhD, RN, CWCN, FAANSpeaker Slides (PDF, 820 KB)
Home Modification for Changing or Temporary Needs: Get to Know Your Independent Living Centers (ILC) (no webcast available)Linda Vogelman, ATP; Jenny Fasula, CAPSSpeaker Slides (PDF, 2.4 MB)
Speaker Slides (PDF, 362 KB)
Infection Surveillance in LTCPaul Drinka, MDSpeaker Slides (PDF, 557 KB)
Handout 1 (PDF, 101 KB)
Handout 2 (PDF, 158 KB)
Handout 3 (exit DHS)
Handout 4 (PDF, 343 KB)
Handout 5 (PDF, 258 KB)
Keeping Social Media Social (no webcast available)Brian Purtell, JDSpeaker Slides (PDF, 268 KB)
Keynote: Quality Improvement: Role of Healthcare Leadership and Regulations to Achieving High Quality OutcomesDavid Gifford, MD, MPHSpeaker Slides (PDF, 762 KB)
Learning to Self Survey, Apply QAPI Principles, and Ensure Food Safety (F 371)?Linda Handy, MS, RDSpeaker Slides (PDF, 495 KB)
Limitations of the Facility: Exceeding Care CapacitiesMelissa Stiles, MDSpeaker Slides (PDF, 272 KB)
Medication Monitoring: A Critical Step in the Care ProcessNicole Brandt, PharmD, BCPP, CGPSpeaker Slides (PDF, 658 KB)
Misappropriation of Narcotics in Assisted Living (no webcast available)Mark Andrews, BA; Donna Cochems; Paul Deuman, BA; Doug Englebert, BS-Pharm; Mary Kunz; Nora Mendoza, BASpeaker Slides (PDF, 483 KB)
Handout 1 (PDF, 35 KB)
Handout 2 (PDF, 45 KB)
Handout 3 (PDF, 36 KB)
New Dining Practice Standards (All Providers)Linda Bump, RD, LD, LNHASpeaker Slides (PDF, 317 KB)
Handout 1 (PDF, 1.1 MB)
New Dining Practice Standards (Nursing Home Providers)Linda Bump, RD, LD, LNHASpeaker Slides (PDF, 435 KB)
Handout 1 (PDF, 1.1 MB)
Nursing DelegationBob Lightfoot, JD, RNSpeaker Slides (PDF, 381 KB)
Handout 1 (PDF, 9 KB)
Overview of the INTERACT Quality Improvement ProgramJoseph Ouslander, MDSpeaker Slides (PDF, 620 KB)
Handout 1 (PDF, 137 KB)
Surviving Sepsis: Are You Prepared to Save a Life? (no webcast available)Annette Garcia, MSN, RN, ACNS-BCSpeaker Slides (PDF, 1.3 MB)
They Shouldn't Die of Dirty TeethAngie Stone, RDH, BSSpeaker Slides (PDF, 1.7 MB)
Handout 1 (PDF, 657 KB)
Thirst Quenching Tools for Health Hydration (no webcast available)Mary Litchford, PhD, RD, LDNSpeaker Slides (PDF, 873 KB)
Tuberculosis in Wisconsin: What are the Risks for TB in Wisconsin Facilities? (no webcast available)Lorna Will, RN, MASpeaker Slides (PDF, 267 KB)
Handout 1 (PDF, 117 KB)
Handout 2 (PDF, 170 KB)
Handout 3 (PDF, 26 KB)
Handout 4 (PDF, 210 KB)
Handout 5 (PDF, 113 KB)

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