FOCUS 2013 Conference Webcasts

Listed below are the presentations/sessions that were provided during the Division of Quality Assurance FOCUS 2013 Special Session and FOCUS 2013 Conference. The table identifies session titles, speaker names, and speaker handouts. Select a session title to access the associated webcast. If a webcast or handout is not available, it is stated in the table.

Information presented in connection with the Division of Quality Assurance’s FOCUS 2013 Conference by speakers should not be construed as an endorsement of such information by the Division of Quality Assurance.

FOCUS 2013 Special Session
"The Art and Science of Dementia Care Without Drugs"
November 19, 2013

Breakout Session Title Speaker Handouts

Opening Remarks (Webcast, help)

Sherri Olson
Shari Busse
A Consistent Assignment How-to: Overcoming Operational Challenges (no webcast available) Cathie Brady
Barbara Frank
Speaker Slides (PDF, 418 KB)
Care that Matters: Providing Person-Centered Dementia Care (Webcast, help) Suzanna Waters Castillo Speaker Slides (PDF, 1.2 MB)
Delirium: How Do I Recognize It? What Do I Do Next? A Case-Based Approach (Webcast, help) Josh Chodosh Speaker Slides (PDF, 136 KB)
Discovering the Environmental Differences in Person-Centered Care (Webcast, help) Paula Gibson
Eve Montgomery
Speaker Slides (PDF, 676 KB)
Forms of Dementia: What We have Learned from Research (Webcast, help) Whitney Wharton Speaker Slides (PDF, 390 KB)
Geriatric Sleep in Long-Term Care – Can We Get Better ZZZs? (no webcast available) Timothy Juergens Speaker Slides (PDF, 356 KB)
Let Me Be Me! Let's Do it Drug Free: Using Culture Change and Resident-Centered Care Approaches to Reduce Medications (Webcast, help) Janice Baron Dombrowski
Cagney Martin
Merry Wimmer
Speaker Slides (PDF, 304 KB)
Meaningful Engagement, Positive Outcomes (no webcast available) Mary Ellen O’Connor
Patty Morter
Speaker Slides (PDF, 217 KB)
Music and Memory (Webcast, help) Dan Cohen
Debra Jacoby
Kim Loose
Speaker Slides (PDF, 577 KB)

Reducing Antipsychotic Drug Use Through Person-Centered Dementia Care - Keynote Address (Webcast, help)

Cheryl Phillips, MD Speaker Slides (PDF, 489 KB)
Regulating Pain (Webcast, help) Ashok Choithani Speaker Slides (PDF, 76 KB)
The CMS Hand in Hand Toolkit: What Leaders Need to Know to Support Person-Centered Care (Webcast, help) Karen Schoeneman  
They Still Have Rights: The Art of Promoting Resident Rights in an Era of Non-Pharmacologic Dementia Care (no webcast available) Matt Rohloff
Joan Schmitz
Phyllis “Flip” Varsos
Speaker Slides (PDF, 402 KB)
Handout (PDF, 20 KB)
Understanding Behaviors of the Different Dementias (Webcast, help) Kim Peterson Speaker Slides (PDF, 1 MB)

FOCUS 2013 Conference
"Teach, Learn, Collaborate"
November 20, 2013

Breakout Session Title Speaker Handouts
Opening Remarks (Webcast, help) Phyllis "Flip" Varsos
Kitty Rhoades
Otis Woods
A.S.P.E.N. Enteral Nutrition Practice Recommendations: Applying Them to Your Practice (Webcast, help) Ainsley Malone Speaker Slides (PDF, 325 KB)
Assessing Medication Appropriateness in the Elderly: Focus on Beers Criteria (no webcast) Doug Englebert Speaker Slides (PDF, 351 KB)
Deep Tissue: The State of the Science (Webcast, help) Joyce Black Speaker Slides (PDF, 335 KB)
Delirium – An Enormous Under-recognized Problem of Even Bigger Consequences (Webcast, help) Josh Chodosh Speaker Slides (PDF, 133 KB)
Depression and Dementia (Webcast, help) Kenneth Robbins Speaker Slides (PDF, 54 KB)
Designing and Implementing an Antibiotic Stewardship Program in a Long-Term Care Facility Focusing on a Multidisciplinary Approach (Webcast, help) Zina Gugkaeva Speaker Slides (PDF, 1.5 MB)
Diabetes Management in Health Care: Whose Responsibility is it Anyway? (no webcast) Kim Fox Speaker Slides (PDF, 768 KB)
DQA Perspective on Assisted Living Complaints Nikki Andrews
Cheryl Bott
Carolyn Happel
Mary Beth Hoffman
Lynette Traas
Bill Gardner (Moderator)
Speaker Slides (PDF, 612 KB)
Legal and Ethical Aspects of Medical Decision Making and Advance Care Planning (no webcast) Marshall Kapp Speaker Slides (PDF, 159 KB)
Legal Protections for Persons with Dementia (Webcast, help) Tom Hlavacek Speaker Slides (PDF, 345 KB)
On the Road with the Kenosha County Care Transitions Coalition Helen Sampson
Barbara Beardsley
Speaker Slides (PDF, 761 KB)
Handout (PDF, 51 KB)
Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI): New Program or What We Do Every Day? – Keynote Address (Webcast, help) David Gifford, MD, MPH Speaker Slides (PDF, 237 KB)
Redefining Adult Malnutrition: Where Are We Now? (Webcast, help) Ainsley Malone Speaker Slides (PDF, 407 KB)
Wisconsin Coalition for Collaborative Excellence in Assisted Living (WCCEAL) (Webcast, help) Kevin Coughlin
Alfred Johnson
David Zimmerman
Speaker Slides (PDF, 467 KB)

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