2014 State and County Contract for Social Services and Community Programs

Division of Enterprise Services (DES): State and County Contract, Numbered Memos and Program Allocations

DES Numbered Memos contain material which is strictly informational and time-limited. They include announcements about budget allocations and provide details on the State and County Contract Covering Social Services and Community Programs.

Numbered Memos:

2014 Base Contract and Appendices:

All signature pages have been consolidated into one document for completion. The document includes five components:

  1. Introduction and contact information per County
  2. Contract Signature Page
  3. Certification regarding lobbying
  4. Certification regarding debarment and suspension
  5. Business Associate Agreement

Department of Health Services (DHS) Allocations:

NOTE: carryover adjustments will be posted during the next CARS run.

Last Revised: November 22, 2017