Wisconsin State Health Plan: Healthiest Wisconsin 2010

Healthiest Wisconsin 2010:  Status Reports

Healthiest Wisconsin 2010: A Partnership Plan to Improve the Health of the Public

Healthiest Wisconsin 2010: A Partnership Plan to Improve the Health of the Public was the Wisconsin state health plan for the decade 2000-2010.   

To request a paper copy of either document, please contact dhsdphpubs@dhs.wisconsin.gov.

Healthiest Wisconsin 2010: Implementation Plan

The Implementation Plan contained detailed strategies for public health partners working to achieve State Health Plan goals. The Implementation Plan was available as full templates and logic models, and also as a summary publication (PDF).

Stakeholders Report

This special supplemental report to the State Health Plan describes the purpose, process, findings, and recommendations from five Community Stakeholder Forums. The five community stakeholder groups were African American; Hispanic/Latino; Asian/Hmong; Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered; and American Indian.

Engaging and Sustaining Selected Community Stakeholders in the Transformation of Wisconsin’s Public Health System (PDF)

Grid: Health Conditions Related to 2010 Priorities

The relationship between leading health conditions and Healthiest Wisconsin 2010 health priorities is depicted in a grid, available as either a read-only document (PDF) or a data file (Excel) . The grid shows which health conditions can be expected to decrease in prevalence or severity when a given health priority is addressed.

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Healthy Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Health Improvement Planning Process (or WI-HIPP) has transitioned from “process” to “plan” – the State Health Assessment and State Health Improvement Plan, Healthy Wisconsin. For more information about this initiative, go to the Healthy Wisconsin webpage.

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