Wisconsin Behavioral Risk Factor Survey - Methodology in Brief

As of 2011, BRFS(S) conducts both landline and cell phone interviews. However, data currently accessible through the WISH query system are from 2010 and earlier and consist only of landline telephone interviews.

Sampling protocol includes adults living in households and excludes adults living in institutions and most group quarters. State and territory BRFS programs manage their own survey data collection following CDC's protocol, using the services of professional survey organizations for the computer-assisted telephone interviews. CDC uses a single sampling contractor to provide randomly selected samples of telephone numbers to all states and territories based on the sampling criteria provided by state BRFS programs. Landline sample protocol includes the use of a computerized screening algorithm provided by CDC to randomly select one adult per sampled household to complete the survey.

CDC provides more information on the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.

CDC calculates post-survey weights for each state's/territory's annual BRFS data set, and provides weighting variables for use in analyzing the data. Weighted BRFS data are representative of state and territory adult populations residing in households.


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Last Revised: May 4, 2015