Tuberculosis (TB) - Rule Changes 2002

Where can I find the rule?

Chapter DHS 145, Control of Communicable Diseases Subchapter II - Tuberculosis

What was changed?

DHS 145.01 was amended and DHS 145.08, DHS 145.09, DHS 145.10, DHS 145.11, DHS 145.12 and DHS 145.13 were repealed and recreated, relating to control of communicable diseases.

Why were the rules changed?

The Department's rules for prevention and control of tuberculosis were updated based on changes made to ss. 252.07 and 252.10, Stats., as created or amended in 1999 Wisconsin Act 9. These rules modified subch. II of ch. DHS 145 to reflect and implement the changes to ch. 252, Stats., made by Act 9. The changes principally served the following purposes:

  • To specify laboratory procedures for identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis;
  • To specify how the Department will assist local health departments in administration and enforcement of confinement of patients with tuberculosis (including contacts to infectious tuberculosis);
  • To establish standards for certification of public health dispensaries;
  • To specify services and reimbursement rates for public health dispensaries; and
  • To specify record-keeping requirements for public health dispensaries.

The changes expanded the sections on public health dispensaries for the diagnosis and treatment of persons with or suspected of having tuberculosis. The expanded sections specify how the Department will certify public health dispensaries and which dispensary services the Department will reimburse. Local health departments and the Department are authorized by s. 252.10 (1), Stats., to establish public health dispensaries, and the Department is authorized by s. 252.10 (6) (b), Stats., to reimburse the dispensaries at the medical assistance program rate for services specified in rule.

What references are included?

The following national standards were incorporated by reference into administrative rule:

For more information or questions, contact the Respiratory Diseases and International Health Unit or your Wisconsin Local Health Department.

Last Revised: November 25, 2015