Trauma-Informed Care - Resources

The Department of Health Services is committed to supporting the understanding and application of trauma-informed care in Wisconsin. The following is a list of helpful resources for consumers and service providers.

Wisconsin Resources

Other Resources

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services does not testify to, sponsor, or endorse the accuracy of the information provided on the following webpages. The information on these webpages is for educational purposes only.

  • Child Trauma Academy - CTA is a non-for-profit organization working to improve the lives of high-risk children through direct service, research, and education.
  • Emotional CPR - eCPR is an educational program designed to teach anyone to assist another person through an emotional crisis.
  • Gifts from Within - GFW is an international non-profit organizaton for survivors of trauma and victimization.
  • International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation - ISSTD is organized to develop and promote comprehensive, clinically effective and empirically based resources and responses to trauma and dissociation.
  • International Society for Traumatic Stress Study - ISTSS provides a forum for sharing of research, clinical strategies, public policy concerns and theoretical formulations on trauma.
  • Mental Health First Aid - Mental Health First Aid is a public education program that helps the public identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders.
  • National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder -  NCPTSD is dedicated to research and education on trauma and PTSD.
  • National Center for Trauma Informed Care - NCTIC works to eliminate the use of seclusion, restraints, and other coercive practices and to develop the knowledge base on trauma-informed care
  • National Child Traumatic Stress Network - NCTSN is a collaboration  of academic and community-based service centers whose mission is to raise the standard of care and increase access to services for traumatized children and their families.
  • Professional Quality of Life Scale (PROQOL) - Understanding the positive and negative aspects of helping those who experience trauma and suffering can improve your ability to help them and your ability to keep your own balance
  • Psychological First Aid - Psychological First Aid is an evidence-informed modular approach for assisting people in the immediate aftermath of disaster and terrorism.
  • Sidran Institute - SI helps help people understand, manage, and treat trauma and dissociation
Last Revised: August 23, 2016