Anaplasmosis/Ehrlichiosis Undetermined Infection

Wisconsin Data and Maps 2008-2015

Undetermined cases demonstrate cross-reactivity or possible dual infection with more than one pathogen.

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Wisconsin data and maps, 2008-2015

Wisconsin Reported Total Cases of Anaplasmosis/Ehrlichiosis Undetrermined 2008 - 2015


These maps are based on the county of residence of confirmed or probable cases.
Some infections may have been acquired during travel to other areas.

Anaplasma/Ehrlichiosis Undetermined 2008

Anaplasma/Ehrlichiosis Undetermined 2009

Anaplasma/Ehrlichiosis Undetermined 2010

Anaplasma/Ehrlichiosis Undetermined 2011

Anaplasma/Ehrlichiosis Undetermined 2012

Anaplasma/Ehrlichiosis Undetermined 2013

Total 2014 Anaplasma/Ehrlichia Undetermined Cases in Wisconsin Map













Wisconsin Total Reported Cases of Anaplasma/Ehrlicia Undetermined 2015

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