Statewide Trauma Advisory Council


The Wisconsin Trauma Care System's vision is to ensure that all trauma patients in the state of Wisconsin receive comprehensive trauma care.


Members of the Statewide Trauma Advisory Council (STAC) are dedicated to reducing the death and disability resulting from traumatic injuries and mass casualty events by providing a comprehensive and integrated system of care.


The purpose of STAC is to advise and provide leadership to the Department of Health Services (DHS) on issues related to the development, operation and evaluation of the statewide trauma care system.

Wisconsin State Statute 15.197(25)(a) identifies STAC membership as being of thirteen voting members appointed by the Department of Health Services Secretary, ensuring that all geographic areas of the state are represented.  Representation to preferentially include:

  • Four physicians who represent urban and rural areas
  • Two registered nurses as defined in s. 146.40(1)(r)
  • Two pre-hospital emergency medical services providers, including one representative of a municipality
  • Two representatives of a rural hospital
  • Two representatives of an urban hospital
  • One member of the emergency medical services boards
Current Members of STAC
Name Email
Marshall Beckman, MD (Chair)  
Ann O'Rourke  (Vice-Chair)
Annette Bertelson, RN 
Alex Beuning, MD
Riccardo Colella, MD
Thomas Derrig, MD 
Brenda Fellenz, RN
David Schultz, MD
Jason Selwitschka, EMT-P 
Ben Eithun
Mason Fisher, MD

Jeremy Berndt


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Last Revised: November 11, 2016