Wisconsin Trauma Care System, Lead Agency/Department

Wisconsin's Trauma Care System is located in the  Office of Preparedness and Emergency Health Care (OPEHC),  Division of Public Health, Department of Health Services. Wisconsin Statute Chapter DHS 118 (Trauma Care) (exit DHS) provides the authority for the Department of Health Services to develop and implement a statewide trauma care system. The departmental lead for the program is the State Trauma Coordinator.

The Office of Preparedness and Emergency Health Care includes several programs to increase integration in planning and response to emergency health care events including, the Trauma Care System, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) and Public and Hospital Preparedness programs.

Financial support for Trauma and EMS programming is funded from state tax revenue.  The ASPR Hospital Preparedness Program (exit DHS) provides financial support to improve the integration of disaster response capabilities in the state. The Emergency Services for Children programming is funded through the HRSA EMSC Partnership Grant (exit DHS)

For more information on the State Trauma Program, contact the State Trauma Coordinator.

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Last Revised: December 22, 2014