Wisconsin Regional Trauma Councils

DHS 118.04 authorizes the department to organize and structure Regional Trauma Advisory Councils (RTACs) and to approve the designation of all trauma care geographic regions based on consideration that represents the best care of trauma patients. The RTACs are structured to be self-directed work groups focusing on regional needs and to improve the care of trauma patients and their families.

DHS 118.06(1) also defines the purpose for the RTAC. “to develop, implement, monitor and improve the regional trauma system.”  An RTAC must have an executive council that reflects professional representation from out-of-hospital trauma care providers, trauma care facilities, education and injury prevention.  The work of the RTAC outlined in 118.06 includes:

  • Develop a regional triage and transport protocol
  • Resolve conflicts concerning trauma care
  • Develop and implement injury prevention strategies based on performance improvement findings
  • Analyze local and regional trauma registry data

Wisconsin has seven geographic regions in the Trauma Care System, aligning with the Health Care Coalition regions.  Each RTAC is organized in a manner that facilitates the care of the trauma patient with an identified resource hospital for the region.  RTACs receive financial support from state funding sources each year to accomplish their objectives.  Wisconsin’s RTACs include the following regions:

Regional Trauma Advisory Councils

Wisconsin recognizes seven Regional Trauma Advisory Councils (RTACs). Identified below are the RTACs, website addresses and contact individuals in each region.

Fox Valley RTAC

Regional Webpage

Title Name Email
RTAC Coordinator Jason Selwitschka jason.selwitschka@dhs.wisconsin.gov
Chair Dee Evans devans@thedacare.org
Vice-Chair Brian VanDenLangberg brian.vandenlangberg@thedacare.org
Injury Prevention Kathi Hegranes kathi.hegranes@thedacare.org


Northeast RTAC

Regional Webpage

Title Name Email
RTAC Coordinator David Taylor dave.taylor@dhs.wisconsin.gov
Chair Dustin Riding  
Vice-Chair Kathy Murphy kathy.murphy@hshs.org


North Central RTAC

Regional Website

Title Name Email
RTAC Coordinator Michael Fraley Michael.Fraley@dhs.wisconsin.gov
Chair Terry Nichols Teresa.nichols@ministryhealth.org
Vice-Chair Linda Vollmar



Northwest RTAC

Regional Webpage

Title Name Email
RTAC Coordinator Robert Goodland robert.goodland@dhs.wisconsin.gov
Chippewa Valley
Chair Wayne Street street.wayne@mayo.edu
Vice Chair Kathy Shear kathyshear@centurytel.net
Lake Superior Area
Chair Jan Victorson jvictorson@bayfieldcounty.org
Vice Chair Brad Keseluk baysidebrad@centurytel.net
St. Croix Valley
Chair Susan Ehman susan.j.ehman@healthpartners.com
Vice Chair Mary Sather mary.sather@healthybaldwin.org


South Central RTAC

Regional Website

Title Name Email
RTAC Coordinator Dan Williams DanielC.Williams@dhs.wisconsin.gov
Chair Ben Eithun beithun@uwhealth.org
Vice-Chair Healther Poker healther.poker@ssmhealth.com
Treasurer Wendi Stitzer wastitze@gundersenhealth.org
Trauma System Specialists

Chris Hammes
Todd Cole



Southeast RTAC

Regional Website

Title Name Email
RTAC Coordinator Jake Dettmering jacob.dettmering@dhs.wisconsin.gov
Chairperson Lisa Heinz lisa.heinz@aurora.org
Vice Chair Dr. Tim Lenz tilenz@mcw.edu
Treasurer Betsy Rambo rambob@agnesian.com
Medical Oversight David Piccolo david.piccolo@uhsi.org
Performance Improvement Karen Keys Karen.keys@froedtert.org
Education Kristin Braun kbraun@chw.org 
Trauma Coordinator Chair Denise Hagen denise.hagen@aurora.org
EMS Urban Representative Lt. Dylan Laue  
EMS Rural Representative Jon Massi jon.masi@paratechambulance.com
Injury Prevention Representative Tricia Flannery Patricia.Flannery@uhsi.org


Southwest RTAC

Title Name Email
RTAC Coordinator Greg Breen greg.breen@dhs.wisconsin.gov
Chair Ben Harris harrisb@pdcmemorialhospital.org
Vice Chair Carl Ukkestad carl.ukkestad@dot.state.mn.us
Performance Improvement Kathy Bryant bryant.kathleen@mayo.edu
Funding Committee Chair Ann Lang amlang@gundersenhealth.org


For corrections to the listings available on this page, please contact the State Trauma Coordinator.

Regional Trauma Advisory Councils: Membership and Contact Information 

Last Revised: March 24, 2017