WI-UPC Pilot Project

The pilot testing phase of the Wisconsin Uniform Placement Criteria (WI-UPC) development process was completed on October 31, 1996. Throughout the pilot phase the twenty-one pilot sites engaged in collaboration via teleconferences and meetings, which was helpful in identifying areas in the criteria needing revision. The implementation group, in their pilot selection process, worked to assure that the criteria would be tested with as much diversity as possible. As a result, WI-UPC was tested in both rural and urban locations throughout the state. The criteria was applied to many specific patient groups and populations, including ethnic minorities, the disabled, women, offenders and intoxicated drivers. In addition to substance abuse treatment providers testing WI-UPC in each of the existing levels of care, several managed care and county systems providers also participated in the piloting. Ongoing technical assistance and evaluation were provided by the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services throughout the pilot phase.

In addition to the pilot testing, the Wisconsin Administrative Code for Substance Abuse Services is undergoing revision to fully incorporate WI-UPC. The revisions include the addition of Ambulatory Withdrawal Service as a new level of care for the state of Wisconsin. This service is currently being provided by several providers in the state, and it is anticipated that its use will expand significantly as WI-UPC is implemented. A group of substance abuse service providers continue to work on refining this level of care in collaboration with a number of physicians and other medical personnel.

The Bureau of Substance Abuse Services has presented an overview of WI-UPC to many audiences during the development project including the Wisconsin Association of Residential Facilities, the State Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse, the National ADAPA Conference, the Wisconsin Association on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Conference in an attempt to familiarize interested parties with the concept of the placement criteria and gain feedback and suggestions from as many individuals as possible. The criteria and the scoring instrument were also sent to a number of professionals around the state and the country who have indicated an interest in completing a field review.

In early 1997 BSAS began a statewide regional training process, designed to offer WI-UPC implementation training to representatives from each state certified substance abuse program in Wisconsin. BSAS is working with the UW system to establish a number of ongoing training opportunities, including distance learning and videotapes.

Last Revised: July 13, 2016