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Title Recording Date Length Language Division
FOCUS 2013 – Discovering the Environmental Differences in Person Centered Care 11/20/2013 01:30:25 English DQA
FOCUS 2013 – Legal Protections for Persons with Dementia 11/20/2013 01:17:03 English DQA
FOCUS 2013 – Opening Remarks 11/20/2013 00:31:56 English DQA
FOCUS 2013 – Understanding Behaviors of the Different Dementias 11/20/2013 01:29:33 English DQA
FOCUS 2013 – Wisconsin Coalition for Collaborative Excellence in Assisted Living (WCCEAL) 11/20/2013 01:23:18 English DQA
FOCUS 2013 – Conference: Care That Matters- Providing Person Centered Dementia Care 11/19/2013 01:25:51 English DQA
FOCUS 2013 – Designing and Implementing an Antibiotic Stewardship Program 11/19/2013 01:14:20 English DQA
FOCUS 2013 – Forms of Dementia: What We have Learned from Research 11/19/2013 01:18:35 English DQA
FOCUS 2013 – Keynote: Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement(QAPI) 11/19/2013 01:34:42 English DQA
FOCUS 2013 – Keynote: Reducing Antipsychotic Drug Use through Person-Centered Dementia 11/19/2013 01:10:34 English DQA
FOCUS 2013 – Let Me Be Me! Let's Do it Drug Free: Using Culture Change and Resident-Centered Care Approaches to Reduce Medications 11/19/2013 01:25:10 English DQA
FOCUS 2013 – Music and Memory 11/19/2013 01:26:21 English DQA
FOCUS 2013 – Redefining Adult Malnutrition: Where Are We Now? 11/19/2013 01:21:56 English DQA
FOCUS 2013 – Regulating Pain 11/19/2013 01:30:35 English DQA
FOCUS 2013 – Special Session Opening Remarks 11/19/2013 00:05:03 English DQA
FOCUS 2013 – The CMS Hand in Hand Toolkit: What Leaders Need to Know to Support Person-Centered Care 11/19/2013 01:29:47 English DQA
Session VII: Eligibility and Related Issues 11/03/2013 00:09:54 English DMS
Powerful Tools for Caregivers 10/08/2013 00:20:59 English DPH
Powerful Tools for Caregivers Info Session 10/08/2013 01:05:28 English DPH
Session VI: Benchmark Plans and Recipient Entitlements and Obligations 09/26/2013 02:27:09 English DMS
Healthcare Associated Infections in LTC (HAI): Group Activity - How to Create and Interpret an Antibiogram 09/20/2013 00:07:43 English DQA
Healthcare Associated Infections in LTC (HAI): Inside an Outbreak - ARI & GI Exercises & Case Studies 09/20/2013 01:05:53 English DQA
Healthcare Associated Infections in LTC (HAI): Management and Prevention of Outbreaks in Nursing Homes 09/20/2013 00:27:08 English DQA
Healthcare Associated Infections in LTC (HAI): Question & Answer Session 09/20/2013 00:44:38 English DQA
Healthcare Associated Infections in LTC (HAI): Setting Up an Antibiotic Stewardship Program in a Nursing Home 09/20/2013 00:56:52 English DQA


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