Medicaid Home and Community-Based Waivers Manual - Appendix J

APPENDIX J: Substitute Care

J-1 Guide to Determining Room and Board Costs in Substitute Care (Revised Appendix O) (PDF)
J-2 Formula to Determine Amount of Income Available to Pay for Room and Board (Former "page 39" instructions)
F20920 (PDF)
F20920 (Excel)
J-3 DDE Memo Series 2002-25 and Attachments: Use of COP/COP-W/CIP II in CBRFs
J-4 COP Information Bulletin 151 - Use of COP and Waiver Funds in CBRFs and Attachments. 1) DSL Memo Series 2002-02, 2) Five Conditions on Use of Funds in CBRFs: Model Forms
J-5 COP Information Bulletin 156 - Use of COP & COP-W/CIP II Funding in CBRFs: Model Criteria for the Determination of Quality Services & Environment
J-6 CBRF Model Contract page: Attachment 4 102504
J-7 Calculating Expenses for a Substitute Care Facility (Model)

Selected References

Several Medicaid Waivers Program allowable living arrangements are governed by rules located in Wisconsin State Statute. These rules are in addition to the Definitions, Standards and Documentation requirements associated with the specific service as defined in Chapter IV, Section 4.09 of the Medicaid Waivers Manual. The following resources provide useful information concerning the regulation of the services of:

Standards and Regulations


Last Revised: July 21, 2017