Wisconsin Cancer Reporting System - Abstract Plus

Download the Wisconsin-Specific Abstract Plus Version 16 Software (For abstracting cases diagnosed in 2016 and 2017)

The software is available in two formats:

  1. Full application version for first-time Abstract Plus users – which means an earlier version of Abstract Plus is not already installed on the computer.
  2. Update Tool Version – for Abstract Plus users that currently have Abstract Plus 3.5 installed on their computers. (Please check your version! If your version is earlier than 3.5 (3.2 or 3.4), then contact WCRS for special instructions. Do NOT update to 3.6 unless you have 3.5 installed currently.)

Here are the instructions for downloading this version of Abstract Plus. Please make sure you read these instructions very carefully! It is extremely important that you make sure you choose the correct format.

Step 1 – Where to Obtain Version 3.6

The Wisconsin-specific Abstract Plus 3.6 is available for download at this CDC FTP site.

After clicking on the site – you will see this header at the top of the web page:

Ap introduction  screenshot

Step 2 – Obtaining the Instructions for Install or Upgrade

If you are installing Abstract Plus for the first time on a computer, click on the link below the header: “Instruction manual for installing Abstract Plus from scratch” to download the instructions for first time installation (pictured below).

If you are upgrading from 3.5 Abstract Plus to 3.6, click on the link below the header: “Instruction manual for upgrading existing Abstract Plus from Version 3.5 to Version 3.6 with NAACCR 16.0” to download the instructions for upgrading from 3.5 to 3.6 (pictured below).

Download instructions screenshot

Step 3 – Downloading the Installation Package or Updater Tool

Once you have the appropriate instructions downloaded, scroll down to the bottom of the CDC web page until you see the specific install box for the Wisconsin Cancer Reporting System (pictured below). Click on the "…from scratch" install package link for first time installs or the "Ugrading existing..." update tool link for upgrading from version 3.5 to 3.6.

Ap introduction  screenshot

Step 4 – Read the instruction packet completely before installing Abstract Plus or applying the upgrade

Please contact Laura Stephenson (phone: 608-266-8926) if you have any questions. Please note that you must have administrative privileges to your computer to install or upgrade Abstract Plus. Contact your system administrator to install/upgrade the program if you do not have administrative privileges.

Separate Instructions for Facilities that Downloaded the CDC Generic Version 3.6 in 2016

Some facilities may have mistakenly installed CDC’s generic version of Abstract Plus 3.6 months ago. This version is not suitable for reporting cases to WCRS and does not meet Wisconsin’s requirements for reporting. If your facility has a generic version of Abstract Plus 3.6, you MUST do the following to install the Wisconsin-specific version:

  • If you have abstracted cases in this version, then you need to first export all of the abstracts (complete and incomplete) into a NAACCR flat file, using the NAACCR Format option in the export window, and save this export file to a location other than where your Abstract Plus is stored. (For example, if it’s stored under C:\RegPlus\AbstractPlus, then store your file to another drive you have access to. Keep it in safe place.)

To export all cases, open the export window in Abstract Plus and click on the selections as numbered in this screen shot:

Export Screenshot

  1. When you click Export (number 3 above), you will be prompted to put in the Administrator Log In password, type in Admin
  2. Name your file FullExportGenericV16.txt and save it to a location outside the default for Abstract Plus.
  3. Close Abstract Plus.
  4. Uninstall Abstract Plus.
  5. Go back to the file location where Abstract Plus was installed and make sure the AbstractPlus folder is deleted.
  6. Install the WI specific Abstract Plus 3.6 following the first time install instructions in this email.
  7. Import the exported file from your previous version of Abstract Plus by clicking on the File tab, then the Import Abstracts in NAACCR Format option. Open up your cases to check for possible new errors based on the WI edit metafile. Correct cases and resubmit to WCRS if corrections were made.

Important Notes Regarding Version 3.6 – Please Read!!

  1. Abstract Plus 3.6 is required for cases diagnosed in 2016 and later. It can also be used to abstract cases from 2015 and earlier.
  2. The Version 3.6 Abstract Plus user manual is now available.
  3. The display screen data item order is slightly different; please watch for those changes if you are a regular Abstract Plus user. WCRS also renamed most of the data item names to make them easier to identify.
  4. For facilities that have entered 2016 cases in version 3.5, please note that after you upgrade to 3.6, you will need to open up your 2016 cases and complete each abstract. There are new fields (see Required Data Item List for 2016-2017 cases) for 2016 cases and those were not available to you in 3.5. Once completed, you can now export your 2016 cases and submit to WCRS. Please remember that WCRS is not assessing timeliness of 2016 cases due to the delays in software readiness.
Last Revised: May 23, 2018