Early Case Capture of Wisconsin Pediatric and Young Adult Cancers

Early Case Capture is a CDC-funded grant to establish rapid electronic case reporting (within 30 days from diagnosis) of pediatric cancer cases. Wisconsin is one of seven states that received funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for five years beginning in September 2014. This funding opportunity was initiated through the federal Caroline Pryce Walker Act (2008), which seeks to improve pediatric cancer research by:

  • Advancing medical research and treatment of pediatric cancers
  • Ensuring patient/family access to current information about cancer and treatment
  • Establishing a national childhood cancer registry
  • Building infrastructure of participating registries to track epidemiology of pediatric malignancies
  • Ascertaining incident cases within weeks of diagnosis
  • Promoting public awareness and data use

Initial grant objectives focus on identifying and developing electronic methods for early reporting of pediatric cancer cases to the Wisconsin Cancer Reporting System (WCRS). The goal is to increase the percentage of pediatric cancer cases reported within 30 days of diagnosis. Both technical training and awareness education on Early Case Capture requirements and goals are vital to the successful implementation of the Early Case Capture grant.

The project enhances central cancer registry infrastructure and ensures pediatric cancer data quality, completeness and timeliness. The long-term goal of Early Case Capture is to make available valuable pediatric cancer data to key stakeholders and researchers in order to increase evidence-based practices. Ultimately, WCRS strives to improve pediatric cancer control and prevention in Wisconsin.

Reporting Instructions

ECC Required Data Item List (Word)

Last Revised: March 23, 2018