WIC, You and the Grocery Store, Too!

The WIC, You and the Grocery Store, Too! (Webcast, help) video will explain how to use WIC checks at the store to buy the correct amounts of the WIC approved foods. The Wisconsin WIC Program does not endorse the products shown in this presentation. The photos are used to illustrate some of the approved food choices available to WIC participants.

Topics in the video

  • How to use WIC checks at the store
  • Examples of foods that are allowed to be bought with WIC checks
  • How to buy correct amounts of WIC foods
  • A description of program materials, such as WIC checks, WIC Identification (ID), and the WIC Approved Foods list

Tips for viewing the video

  • Check your audio before beginning.
  • Move the cursor to clear the title and to see more of the screen.
  • Click on closed captioning if you would like to use it.
  • Gather up these materials, then review them as you watch the video: 
    • The WIC ID
    • A WIC check
    • A WIC Fruit and Vegetable check issued for women and children. A picture of the WIC Fruit and Vegetable check is on the “How to use your WIC Fruit and Vegetable Checks” brochure. The brochure will help you understand how to buy fruits and vegetables and how use this check. If you have more than one fruit and vegetable check for the family for the same month, they may be combined and used at the store together. If the total cost of fruit and vegetables is greater than the dollar amount of the check, you can use your own money, gift card, credit card, debit card or FoodShare Quest card to pay the difference. 
    • WIC Folder. Read “At the Store” on the cover and the “WIC Rights and Responsibilities” inside the folder to learn the rules for properly using the checks to avoid abusing the WIC Program.  
    • WIC Approved Foods List

If you have any questions, contact the WIC Office. The telephone number can be found on the WIC ID and inside the WIC Folder. 

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Last Revised: September 22, 2015