WIC Approved Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables

  • Any brand, any size, and organic may be purchased.
  • Your WIC Shopping List shows your fruit and vegetable dollar benefit.
  • You have the entire benefit period to use all of your fruit and vegetable dollars.
  • You can pay for fruits and vegetables that cost more than your benefit with cash, credit, or FoodShare.




  • Any variety of fresh fruits or vegetables (fresh garlic and ginger root allowed)
  • May be whole, cut, bagged, or packaged

Do Not Buy: Herbs; nuts; bags of salads with topping/dressing; items from the salad bar; party trays, fruit baskets; dried fruit; decorative fruits and vegetables


Any container type or size


  • Any variety of fruit
  • Unsweetened applesauce (with cinnamon allowed)


  • Any variety of vegetables (without lima beans), including green (sweet) peas, green/snap/wax/yellow beans, and sprouts
  • Whole, diced, crushed, or stewed tomatoes; tomato sauce, paste, or puree (with herbs or seasoning allowed)
  • Chopped garlic in water

Do Not Buy:

Fruits: With syrup, added sugar, artificial sweetener, or stevia

Vegetables: With any oil or brine; vinegar; pickles and pickled vegetables (for example, sauerkraut); creamed vegetables (for example, cream-style corn); beans, peas, lentils (for example, black-eyed peas, lima, pinto, kidney, and butter beans); baked beans, pork and beans, refried beans; ketchup, relishes, olives; pizza, lasagna, spaghetti sauce, or salsa


Any container type or size


  • Any variety of fruit


  • Any variety of vegetables
  • Any bean or mixture with beans or peas (for example, mixed vegetables with lima beans)

Not Allowed:

Fruits: With syrup, added sugar, artificial sweetener, or stevia; fruit bars; smoothies containing other ingredients, for example, yogurt

Vegetables: With added sugar (dextrose), butter, oil, sauces, or glaze; with pasta, noodles, nuts, rice, cheese, or meat; sweet potato fries, french fries, or shaped potatoes

Shopping Tip: Sometimes buying fresh fruits and vegetables can be tricky because UPC barcodes change often. The new UPC barcode may not be in the WIC system and therefore the fruit or vegetable is not yet an approved item.

Last Revised: October 31, 2019