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Note: EPS, TIF, and PNG files are available for professional printers from Jennifer Keeley at 608-266-8403.

The design of the WIC logo was inspired by the assortment of patterns produced by a kaleidoscope. It was based on the six founding principles of WIC's Being Person-Centered (BePC) efforts, which are represented by the circle of hearts in six different colors. The star formed by the negative space inside the circle of hearts symbolizes hope and the person at the center of the experience.

When using the WIC logo, it's important to never alter the logo in any way other than as specified in the WIC Logo Guide P-00377 (PDF, 506 KB) .  It's very important to be familiar with the Guide, which addresses why, when and how to use the WIC logo. For example, it can help determine which logo format to choose: JPG, TIF or PNG.

Please Note: If the logo is printed on a color printer and looks discolored, please check your toner levels as they are probably low.  Replace the toner cartridges as instructed and reprint the document.

To download an image, right-click on a link below and select "Save Target As..." . This will open a window that allows you to save the file.

White-colored logos will not be visible on the screen.

Standard Version Logos Alternative Version Logos
WIC Logos
WIC logo - standard version rendered in full color
WIC logo - alternate version, using full color

Black 6" (JPG, 146 KB)

Full Color 6" (JPG, 294 KB)

Limited Color 6" (JPG, 941 KB)

One Color 6" (JPG, 287 KB)

Black 6" (JPG, 136 KB)

Full Color 6" (JPG, 247 KB)

Limited Color 6" (JPG, 254 KB)

One Color 6" (JPG, 258 KB)

Last Revised: November 19, 2015