WIC Approved Milk, Soy Beverage, and Yogurt

Below are milk, soy beverages, and yogurt you will find in the WIC-approved foods list and shopping guide.


A child pours milk with assistance from two adults in a kitchen.


  • White milk in gallon containers
  • Plastic, cartons, gallon bags, half-gallon or gallon clipped together by manufacturer
  • rBGH and rBGH-free, rBST and rBST-free

Must be specified on your WIC Shopping List:

  • Whole milk or reduced-fat 2% milk
  • Half-gallon container
  • Lactose-free, including calcium fortified: 3 quart (96 oz), half-gallon, and quart container
  • Nonfat dry: 25.6 oz (8 qt) boxes or pouches only
  • Evaporated: 12 oz can
  • Kosher

Do Not Buy: Flavored; goat's milk; acidophilus; buttermilk; specialty (for example, organic or certified humane); nut or grain milk (for example, almond, rice, oat); low cholesterol; UHT; milk with added ingredients (for example, Omega-3, EPA/DHA); protein-fortified; filled evaporated milk; ultra -filtered (for example, Fairlife); A2 milk

Soy Beverage


Half-gallon, refrigerated carton only in on your WIC Shopping List:

Only the following brands and flavors:

  • 8th Continent, Original and Vanilla
  • Silk, Original only (2-pack available)
  • Great Value



  • 32 oz container only
  • Plain or flavored
  • Kosher (must be specified on WIC shopping list)
  • Only the type listed on your WIC shopping list
  • Only the brands listed

Do Not Buy: Organic; Greek; with artificial sweetener; with mix-in ingredients like granola, candy, or nuts; single serve containers; drinkable yogurts

Whole Milk Yogurt Only for 1-year-old children

Only the following brands are allowed:

  • Brown Cow
  • Dannon
  • Essential Everyday
  • La Yogurt
  • Meijer
  • Mountain High
  • Old Home

Low Fat and Nonfat Yogurt Only for children over the age of 2 and women

Only the following brands are allowed:

  • Best Choice
  • Coburn Farms
  • Dannon except light & fit
  • Essential Everyday
  • Food Club except light
  • Great Value except light
  • Hy-Vee except light
  • Kroger
  • La Yogurt except Mango
  • Lala Yogurt only Plain and Vanilla
  • Market Pantry except light
  • Meijer
  • Mountain High
  • Nuestra Cocina only plain
  • Old Home
  • Our Family except light
  • Prairie Farms
  • Yoplait
Last Revised: October 31, 2019