WIC Approved Whole Wheat and Whole Grain Foods

Below are whole wheat and whole grain foods from the WIC-approved foods list and shopping guide.

Breads, Buns, Rolls

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16 oz (1 lb) package only

  • Any brand labeled "100% whole wheat" and lists whole wheat flour as the first ingredient
  • 100% whole wheat bread, buns, and rolls

The following are examples of allowed brands:

  • Any store brand
  • Bimbo Bread
  • Butternut Bread
  • Family Choice Bread
  • Brownberry (Burger and Hot Dog Rolls)
  • Pepperidge Farm Bread (Stone Ground, Very Thin Sliced, 100% Whole Wheat Cinnamon with Raisin Swirl, Light Style)
  • Sara Lee Bread (Classic)
  • Village Hearth Bread

Do Not Buy: In-store bakery brand; multigrain; Healthy Life 100% whole wheat (high fiber or sugar free); bagel bread, bagels, pita bread; muffins, English muffins; frozen bread and rolls; sugar-free or with Splenda; double fiber; with flaxseed; gluten-free; organic

Brown Rice

14-16 oz (1 lb) box or bag only

  • Any brand, dry
  • Plain brown rice without added herbs, seasonings, or beans
  • Regular, instant, and boil-in-bag type

Do Not Buy: White rice, flavored rice, wild rice, rice mixes; frozen brown rice; tubs; microwavable pouches; organic, store packaged


16 oz (1 lb) package only

  • White or yellow soft corn
  • 100% whole wheat

Only the following brands are allowed:

  • 100% Whole Wheat:
    Best Choice, Bucky Badger, Chi-Chi's, Don Pancho, Essential Everyday, Food Club, Frescados, Great Value, Herdez, Hy-Vee, IGA, Kroger, La Banderita, Market Pantry, Meijer, Mission, Ortega, Our Family, Roundy's,  Shurfine, Tio Santi
  • Corn:
    Best Choice, Bucky Badger, Chi-Chi's, El Rey, Essential Everyday, Food Club, Hy-Vee, IGA, La Banderita, La Burrita, Mission, Our Family, Shurfine

Do Not Buy: hard corn tortillas/taco shells; low-carb/carbohydrate; organic

Whole Wheat Pasta

16 oz (1 lb) package only

  • 100% whole wheat
  • Any Shape

Only the following brands are allowed:
Barilla, Essential Everyday, Food Club, Gia Russa, Great Value, Heartland, Hodgson Mill, Hy-Vee, Kroger, Our Family, Racconto, Ronzoni 100% Whole Grain, Shurfine

Do Not Buy: Organic; with added sugar, fats, oils, or salt; pasta made from rice, quinoa, flax, corn, or vegetables


Last Revised: October 31, 2019