Wisconsin WIC SharePoint (WICShare) Portal

The WICShare Portal serves as a secure resource for Wisconsin's WIC project communities, providing:

  • Resources for state and local project WIC services
  • Directory of state and local project offices
  • Guidance for WIC's data system, Real-time Online Statewide Information Environment (ROSIE)

The WICShare Portal is intended for state and local WIC project staff and other approved partners that participate in providing WIC services and activities. Local WIC projects should encourage all of their staff to request access to the WICShare Portal. WICShare administrators at the Division of Public Health will grant users access.

Login to the WICShare Portal

For DHS users, remember to add DHS\ before your username.


How to Register for the WICShare Portal

You will need a WILMS account (Wisconsin Log on Management System) to access the WICShare Portal.

  1. To request access to the WICShare Portal, you must have prior approval. Obtain approval from your local project WIC director or DHS WIC supervisor.
  2. Once approved, create a Wisconsin Log on Management System (WILMS) account (if you do not already have one). Note: When prompted to select system to access, choose WICShare.
  3. Not sure if you have a WILMS account? Ask the WICShare administrator.
  4. After the account is created, send a WICShare access request email, with your WILMS username. Please be sure to copy your local project WIC director, or DHS WIC supervisor, on the email.

Username and Password Support

The WICShare Portal and other State of Wisconsin applications use the Wisconsin Log on Management System (WILMS) for user authentication.

WILMS username and password recovery

WILMS Help Page

If password recovery says you have more than one WILMS account, please email WILMS for further assistance.

Last Revised: November 19, 2015