Data from the Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance System

Note: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stopped collecting WIC data and producing reports for the Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance System (PedNSS). 2011 reports listed below are the most recent reports.

PedNSS is a program-based surveillance system that monitors the nutritional status of low-income infants, children and women in federally-funded maternal and child health programs.

Wisconsin has submitted data from the WIC Program to the CDC for analysis and inclusion in PedNSS since 1993. This surveillance data can be used for program planning, management and evaluation; for the development of health and nutrition interventions; and to monitor progress toward state and local health plans.

The CDC website provides information on PedNSS and explains how to interpret the data. 

PedNSS Health Indicators

In Wisconsin, data on specific health indicators are collected for infants and children who participate in the WIC Program. The health indicators included in the PedNSS reports are:

  • low birth weight;

  • high birth weight;

  • short stature;

  • underweight;

  • overweight;

  • risk of overweight;

  • low hemoglobin/hematocrit;

  • breastfeeding initiation;

  • breastfeeding duration;

  • exclusive breastfeeding;

  • TV/video viewing; and

  • smoking in the household.

The CDC website defines the indicators and explains the rationale for collecting the data.

Pediatric Nutrition Data



Description of the Data

Wisconsin (PDF, 973 KB) Wisconsin (PDF, 940 KB) State totals compared to national data.
Metro Area (PDF, 271 KB)  Metro Area (PDF, 273 KB)  Includes data for Dane, Milwaukee and Racine counties.
County (PDF, 388 KB) County (PDF, 390 KB) Tribal data is included in the county level data if there is a WIC tribal clinic site in the county.
Region (PDF, 271 KB) Region (PDF, 273 KB) Includes data analyzed by each Division of Public Health region.
Local Agency (PDF, 386 KB) Local Agency (PDF, 388 KB) Includes data analyzed by each local WIC Project.
Clinic (PDF, 439 KB) Clinic (PDF, 441 KB) Includes data analyzed by WIC Project sites, where appropriate.
Not available Not available Includes a summary of key indicators by county.
Not available Not available Includes a summary of key indicators by local agency.
Slide Summary (PowerPoint, 1 MB) Slide Summary (PowerPoint, 1.4 MB) Includes graphs and charts of data.


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