WIC Vendors - Grocery

Any owner of a grocery store located in Wisconsin may apply for authorization as a WIC vendor. Vendors shall not accept drafts until all application requirements are met, including completing forms and submitting supporting documents, passing a site visit, completing a training program and receiving an authorization letter from the WIC Program. Completion of the application does not guarantee WIC vendor authorization. Submission of false information will result in denial of the application. WIC authorization does not transfer to a new owner when a change of ownership occurs.

Conditions of Eligibility Vendors Must Meet

  1. An acceptable history with WIC and other food and nutrition service programs of the USDA.

  2. The vendor has a fixed location.

  3. The vendor has regular established hours of operation.

  4. Charge a price for WIC approved foods which is comparable to the average price charged for those foods by other vendor applicants in the project service area in which the grocery store is located, as determined by the state WIC office.

  5. Have a satisfactory site visit by the state or local WIC project wherein it is determined that:

    • The store meets the minimum stock requirements (see following table) on shelves or in coolers in the customer area of the store. (To identify the approved foods for each category below, refer to the WIC Approved Foods List.)  
    • Prices are marked on the food containers or posted in the immediate area where foods are kept in the customer area of the store.
    • Prices are not substantially higher than those listed on the application.
    • The store is not in violation of applicable federal, state or local health protection laws and ordinances.
    • Authorized foods are not older than the expiration date indicated on the package or are otherwise fresh.

  6. Following an acceptable site visit, the vendor owner or manager must participate in a training program at a location designated by local WIC Project staff. Once training has been completed a signed Vendor Agreement, authorization letter, vendor stamp, Vendor Manual, and educational materials will be provided.
Approved Food Description
Whole Grains Six packages; 16 oz each. Any combination of:
  • 100% whole wheat bread, buns or rolls; OR
  • soft corn tortillas; OR
  • whole wheat tortillas; OR
  • brown rice.
Fruit and Vegetables $28 total retail value ($10 of the total retail value must be from fresh fruit and vegetables); AND

Five types fresh, frozen, or canned fruits; two types must be fresh (not including lemons and limes); AND

Five types fresh, frozen, or canned vegetables; two types must be fresh (not including onions, garlic, and ginger root).

Fruit Example Vegetable Example
fresh apples fresh tomatoes
fresh bananas fresh carrots
frozen strawberries frozen peas
canned peaches tomato sauce
canned pineapple canned green beans


Cereal Six different types (hot or cold); 12 oz boxes or larger; minimum four boxes of each; two types must be whole grain (marked "WG" on the WIC Approved Foods List). Gluten Free Rice Krispies can be 9 oz and up.
Juice 9 containers 64 oz; three different flavors; AND

12 containers 48 oz; three different flavors; AND

4 containers 11.5 - 12 oz frozen concentrate; one flavor.
Milk Three gallons unflavored whole (Vitamin D or homogenized); AND

Eight gallons unflavored 1% or skim (low-fat or fat-free): AND

Three half-gallons unflavored 1% or skim (low-fat or fat-free).
Eggs Four cartons of one dozen each; white only; any size; any grade.
Peanut Butter Four containers; 16-18 oz; any brand; creamy, crunchy, extra-crunchy, or natural, low sodium/salt, reduced/no sugar.
Canned Beans, Peas, Lentils 16 cans; 15-16 oz; three different types.
Dried Peas, Beans, Lentils Four pounds total; two 16 oz bags of two different types.
Infant Formula Good Start® Gentle only:
  • 20 cans 12.7 oz powder, OR
  • 62 containers 12.1 or 13 oz liquid concentrate, OR
  • 10 cans 12.7 oz powder, AND 31 containers 12.1 or 13 oz liquid concentrate.
Infant Cereal

Any brand; six 8 oz containers; two different types.

Infant Fruit and Vegetables

Stores with 4 or fewer cash registers (count all registers)

Any brand; 4 oz containers only;

  • Three different varieties of fruits: 12 containers each, AND
  • Three different varieties of vegetables: 12 containers each.

Stores with 5 or more cash registers (count all registers):

Any brand; 4 oz containers only;

  • Six different varieties of fruits: 12 containers each, AND
  • Six different varieties of vegetables: 12 containers each
Infant Meats

Stores with 11 or more cash registers must stock infant meats (count all registers)

Any brand; 2.5 oz containers only;

  • Minimum two varieties; total of 48 containers.

Duration of Authorization 

The Wisconsin WIC Program has a three-year authorization contract period. Refer to the Agreement Between the State of Wisconsin and the Vendor (see below) for details on the current contract period. If the vendor wishes to continue to be authorized beyond its current agreement, the vendor must reapply for authorization.

Application Materials

Other Documents Required 

  1. Proof of ownership of business and/or building. Examples of proofs include, but are not limited to:

    • Bill of sale.

    • Lease agreement (business and/or building).

    • Franchise agreement.

    • Offer to purchase or purchase agreement (business and/or building).

    • Deed.

  2. Copy of the Food Dealers License.

  3. Required registration with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions (DFI). Any corporation or partnership must be registered with DFI and be in good standing. Go to www.wdfi.gov for more information.

  4. If your store has been open and operating for more than six months, provide copies of the four most recent months of Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax Forms (Form ST-12) filed.

Regulations, Statutes and Administrative Rules

Determination Period

Applications are reviewed within 90 days of receipt of complete applications. If the application is not complete, a notice of incomplete items will be sent and the application will not be processed further. An application returned due to incompleteness may, following completion, be resubmitted within 15 days to the State WIC Office, or a new application may be submitted at any time.

Forms for Authorized Vendors 

Department Contact

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Last Revised: October 5, 2016