Winnebago Mental Health Institute - Admission Process

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Patients are admitted to WMHI by request of the Courts or Counties within the State.  Patients under a forensic commitment to the Department of Health Services are served either at Winnebago Mental Health Institute (WMHI) or Mendota Mental Health Institute (MMHI).  Patients under a civil commitment are committed to their County of residence and the County requests they be treated at WMHI.  WMHI has specialty services for Youth, Forensic women, and Dual Diagnosis of Substance Abuse and Mental Illness for youth and adult.

All inpatient admissions must have the approval of the County 51.42 Board in the county where the patient has legal residence.

For referrals of patients under forensic or civil commitment (Chapter 51), contact the Admissions Office, telephone 920-235-4910, ext. 2527.  The Admissions Coordinator will take preliminary preadmission information and will schedule the admission date, in consultation with the Civil or Forensic Services Director.

For questions regarding Civil issues, contact the Civil Services Director at:
Telephone: 920-235-4910, ext. 2360
Fax: 920-237-2041

For questions regarding Forensic issues, contact the Forensic Services Director at:
Telephone: 920-235-4910, ext. 2432
Fax: 920-237-2045

Last Revised: November 5, 2014